Ylenia Padilla attacks the LGTBIQ+ collective

Ylenia Padilla attacks the LGTBIQ+ collective Ylenia Padilla attacks the LGTBIQ+ collective

Ylenia messes her up after her LGTBIphobic attack: «You are murderers, drug addicts, degenerates, pedophiles, you have it all«

Ylenia santana (previously Padilla) is not going through its best moment on a psychological level, although that has become a constant for years. the influencer of Benidorm, which was released ten years ago on the reality show Gandia Shore, has been involved for a long time in controversies that she herself provokes, attacking trans people and, in general, left-wing politicians in our country.

In fact, it has even become a right media icon, although they don't take it too seriously, since most people think it's a broken television toy. In his last direct, and we say last because the account has been deactivated again, Padilla has attacked the collective very harshly LGTBIQ + in the middle of Pride week.

A speech loaded with hate, something that has turned on thousands of users on social networks. «Damn bastards. Your hate makes me bitter, your hate kills. You are murderers, drug addicts, degenerates, pedophilia, you have it all. Let me live, what a nightmare, nano. Who the hell do you think you are?«, attacked the young woman. The former television collaborator has lost her nerve before the viewers of her live show.

«STOP transsexual and LGBT dictatorship«

«You are a fagot, you were born a man, you are not a woman, fuck you. You're not a woman, fuck you. Nature fed you and you're not a woman, fuck you. Shitty stalkers, shitty misogynists. Little rifle, little rifle, very little«, assured the woman from Alicante, inciting hate speech.»

«To all those of the flag this, what do we do? Do we send them to fuck so they like it or what?", Question Ylenia to the people who are watching him live at that moment through a live. «Buntil normalizing this rubbish, shitty riffraff (...) I am quite ashamed of what you are turning the country into", Add.

During the live show, a viewer asked him about the education he received from his parents. «Yes, I have parents and they raised me well, I don't feel like I'm a dog, a wildebeest or a dragon. Sick fucking fagots“, he stressed again against the collective. «STOP transsexual and LGBT dictatorship“, he wrote on the direct.

«Since I no longer appear on TV getting drunk... It was cool before, but now it's not cool. Now, since I'm a decent woman, I'm cool with straight people«, finished the Alicante. Her speech has quickly gone viral on networks and there are many who have criticized her hate speech, and claim that a public figure should not be allowed to make these types of statements.

Ylenia Padilla attacks the LGTBIQ+ collective

Sources: La VanguardiaBrand

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