“Strange way of life”, the gay western by Pedro Almodóvar

Strange way of life, Pedro Almodovar's gay western “Strange way of life”, the gay western by Pedro Almodóvar

Pedro Almodovar: "The desire of two men has never been heard in words within the western ”

After its world premiere at the Cannes film festival, the new work of Pedro Almodóvar It was released in theaters on Friday, May 26. "strange way of life" it's a gay western starring Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke which, despite its 31-minute duration, has already slipped into the top 10 highest-grossing films.

"strange way of life” takes place in 1910. The protagonists are two middle-aged men who in the past shared a passionate love story. The movie of Almodóvar begins with a fado Caetano Veloso. The director says that it is the only anachronism of this film. The medium-length film talks about the type of life that they have decided to live, turning their backs on their own desires, as the lyrics of fado say.

Almodóvar He has explained that he wanted to tell the story of the reunion of two characters who had had a romance in their youth and the reaction of their two protagonists. The director praises the role of Pedro Pascal and ensures that "now he is the most desired man by all the producers in the United States ”. "I have been very lucky to have both of them, they were my first two options”, has said.

The director's goal was to break away from the conventional western. "Never heard in words desire of two men inside the western. I was interested to know what his reaction would be after his night of passion”, has underlined. Almodóvar I wanted to make a film closer to the American classics than to the European spaghetti western. “On that ground there is a uncharted territory: the sexuality of the protagonists. The same thing happens in the world of football and in the world of bullfighting.", has explained.

Almodóvar and his defense of the LGTBIQ+ collective

Strange way of life, Pedro Almodovar's gay western

His interview at the The SER Chain Window It has not only served to promote his new short film; Almodóvar has taken the opportunity to draw attention to the increase in violence and attacks against the collective LGTBIQ +.

He has commented on the case of a young man who has suffered a homophobic attack in Valladolid, where there have already been three detainees.

"Our society has come a long way in this field. Young boys wonder about the binary gender, something that was unthinkable 10 or 20 years ago. and with the transsexuality, families finally know what they have to do when they sense that a child is tranny, which before was a tragedy. They are clear about the steps that must be taken and we have a law. However, homophobic attacks on the street have increased'', declared the director from La Mancha.

According to Almodóvar, the reason for these attacks and aggressions against the group are mainly influenced by the presence of the extreme right in society. She has finally cut it short with the interview: ''We cannot allow this to happen''.

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