Vox removes LGTBI books from the Burriana library (Castelló)

Vox removes LGTBI books from the Burriana library Vox removes LGTBI books from the Burriana library (Castelló)

Vox removes LGTBI books from the Burriana library to «protect minors from pornographic content" Y "scandalous«

The councilor of Culture of Burriana, Jesús Albiol (Vox), has ordered the books to be removed from LGTBI theme of the children's and youth area of ​​the municipal library. In a statement he states that with his order "complies with the law and the duty to protect minors from pornographic and scandalous content«.

The councilor explained that now these books are going to go to a special area for adults that he has created for this purpose in the municipal public library. Albiol ordered «inmediatamente» the withdrawal of these copies in compliance with the article 20 of Law 4/2011, of March 23, Libraries of the Valencian Community.

The councilor of the party of Santiago Abascal highlights that Burriana «It is a municipality of more than 25.000 inhabitants and the regulations provide that books with content on sexual diversity, gender or sexual development must remain in a specific section and not in spaces within the reach of minors.«, as was done until now.

In the statement, the councilor emphasizes that «It is our duty to protect minors, the most vulnerable, and keep them away from books with content that we could classify as pornographic and that are not appropriate for their age.«.

"Perverting minors"

Vox removes LGTBI books from the Burriana libraryAccording to Albiol, who are "During these years the left has tried to pervert minors with scandalous books with explicit sexual content that are not educational at all.«.

In his opinion, they are «some texts that have been introduced both in public school libraries and in municipal libraries and it is something that since Vox we will not consent; Children are children and childhood must be protected«.

Albiol was the protagonist of another controversy this summer after announcing that it was removing publications written in Valencian from the municipal library. «Mission accomplished, on the way! He Burriana City Council will not continue promoting Catalan separatism with the money of the people of Burrian«he wrote on social networks. However, neighborhood pressure made the City Council rectify its decision and finally the publications returned to the library.

Complaints about censorship in Burriana

The spokesperson for Compromís, vincent bulk, has denounced that “This decision is made without any technical report, and with the only unilateral decision of a councilor who only wants his ideas to be known, and hide the others.".

"It is unfortunate that we witness these decisions, based on an interpretation of a law, when we talk about children's books, in which very basic concepts are explained to children at home.", has explained Bulk, who has observed how the “censorship ruler"Of Vox "wants to eliminate any possibility of freedom to choose what can be read in the municipal library".

For all this, Bulk has advanced that they are going to ask for a technical report to the municipal library to endorse a decision that they think “censors the children's audience of books that only inform, explain, make known, and do not attack, bite, or anything similar to what the councilor of censorship thinks". Bulk He recalled that in the July plenary session they already warned that the new councilor had ordered Do not purchase more LGTBI-themed books, "and this is further proof of the hatred that arouses a diverse society that wants to push aside".

Vox removes LGTBI books from the Burriana library

Sources: The SpanishInfobae

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