Vox mocks the LGTBI law in Extremadura

Vox mocks the LGTBI law in Extremadura Vox mocks the LGTBI law in Extremadura

Óscar Fernández Calle: “If I wake up transsexual I have fewer rights and if I go to bed heterosexual I get them back?”

The deputy of Vox Óscar Fernández Calle, has communicated his party's refusal to approve some of the 11 amendments that United by Extremadura (UPE) has presented to the accounts of 2024 in matters of equality, mocking them, but in no case without going into the substance of the matter. “Their amendments are an excellent example of the poor or woke ideology because Stalinism was a little stale and has little sale.", he began his response Fernandez Calle.

The left-wing coalition has proposed aid for the care of LGTBI points in rural areas, but the ultra spokesperson has taken advantage of his intervention to laugh at the law on social equality for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, transgender and intersexuals and public policies against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in Estremadura, that the Government of José Antonio Monago approved in 2015: “40.000 euros for the development of the LGTBI law... man, we have come across the new church, Sancho: the law and the LGTBI groups. I always ask myself a question with this: Does the Constitution discriminate based on sexual orientation? Do those who like one or the other have fewer rights than me, for example? If I wake up transsexual tomorrow, do I have fewer rights and If I go to bed at night straight, do I get them back?".

Vox hoaxes

The spokesperson for the left coalition, Nerea Fernandez Cordero, She has described as "embarrassing to have to hear over and over again that LGTBI people do not suffer discrimination” and has considered “quite enlightening”that the deputies of the PP, Vox partners in Extremadura "hang your head and hide” with those words. Fernandez Cordero has remembered the LGBTIphobic aggression suffered a few months ago in Caceres for the young Angel Andreo shouting “fagot".

On the other hand, Vox has taken advantage of its refusal to contribute 30.000 euros for the institutional recognition of women throughout history in rural development to spread a hoax by Spanish conservatives and accuse the PSOE of opposing women's suffrage in 1931, when The truth is that without the majority vote of the socialist deputies this right would not have come forward.

Elimination of the Vox council

Vox mocks the LGTBI law in ExtremaduraThe amendments of UPE have encountered the negative vote of the PP and Vox, who have also refused the PSOE proposals to recover the Equality Department, eliminated by the president, Maria Guardiola, eliminate the Forest Management and Rural World, created for the extreme right.

The spokesperson of the PP María Teresa Tortonda He has asked the opposition what is the use of a council "if it is empty of content and full of non-compliance” as was the case before or a ministry with so much “wordiness"stop at the end"put rapists on the street”, which he described as “ideological hypocrisy".

The deputy of Vox Álvaro Sánchez Ocañhas called historical memory “hysterical” in response to the socialists' proposal to shield funds for development cooperation, which suffer a 25% cut in funds, and historical memory. “This sectarian and falsified law of history has two news programs left”, the extreme right has warned.

Vox mocks the LGTBI law in Extremadura

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