Vox ends the Huesca Periferias Festival

Vox ends the Huesca Periferias Festival Vox ends the Huesca Periferias Festival

Vox gets the PP to eliminate the Periferias Festival because it was only useful «to shower progressive culturetas with thousands of euros«

The municipal group of Vox in the City Hall of Huesca has forced the disappearance of the avant-garde festival peripheries in exchange for the vote of its two councilors, essential for the municipal government of the PP approve the budgets.

The contest, born in 2000, was one of the emblems of the cultural programming of the Huesca. peripheries It was presented as a multidisciplinary and avant-garde festival, made up of music, cinema, dance, theater, fashion, plastic arts and literature. Each year was dedicated to a specific topic. The far-right party forces the PP to end with a reference event at the national level where they have passed Enrique Morente, Niño de Elche, Paco Ibáñez, Antony and The Johnson o Sugarhill Gang.

Vox warned months ago that Periferias was «a red line» to approve budgets. After weeks of negotiations, the votes of its two councilors, decisive for the PP to approve the accounts, have fulfilled their promise. This was indicated by the party itself in a press release in which it announced that the place of peripheries It will be occupied by a recreational, cultural and festive festival aimed at young people between 14 and 25 years old.

Vox censorship

Vox ends the Huesca Periferias FestivalThe leaders of Vox They have traditionally been against the festival and in the electoral campaign they already assured that it served only "to shower progressive culturetas with hundreds of thousands of euros«.

Lorena Orduna, mayor of Huesca PP has presented the budgets accompanied by the councilor José Luis Rubió, from Vox, after both parties reached an agreement to approve the accounts. The twelve popular councilors needed the two votes of the party of Santiago Abascal in the Huesca town hall to carry out the budgets.

Sources of Huesca City Council They have specified that the departure for a cultural festival remains intact, but that «It is intended to give a new approach to this type of cultural events» so that the programming is a result of the «real demand» of the citizens of Huesca.

Also in Orihuela

This year, with the change of government in Orihuela, Department of Culture has occupied it Vox, the party with which the PP. The cancellation of a charity party in Orihuela, organized by Agustín Gómez Cascales editor-in-chief of the magazine Shangay and recognized DJ, has set off all the alarms.

For five years Cascales organized a charity party on Christmas Eve called NightBling!, with the support of Department of Culture of Orihuela, that gave up a space called The Lonja, a multipurpose cultural center, and bore the production costs. Everything raised that night, when no one was paid, was destined for a charitable cause such as pancreatic cancer research or a local animal shelter.

First they told him that they needed the space for the municipal Nativity scene, once it was relocated to the center, he received a call to inform him that the event was canceled due to bureaucratic problems and just a few days ago a different charity party was announced on December 23 for to raise funds for the Association of Moors and Christians .



Sources: PublicShangay

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