They are already here…

The PP and VOX agreement modifies the 41 point that talks about LGTBI rights They are already here…

The PP and Vox agreement modifies a point on LGTBI rights

GAYLES.TV.- Nothing is free in politics. The agreement between PP y Vox to support the popular investiture José Luis Martínez Almeida As the new mayor of the city he also has a price. Without a doubt, the collective LGTBI will suffer the effects of the arrival of the extreme right to power. At the moment, the point 41 which talks about rights LGTBI and violence against women by making the abbreviations disappear LGTBI and changing the name "sexist violence". And of course, all with the blessing of Ciudadanos.

In less than 48 hours you already want to load Central Madrid and they break with the PP en Madrid «until the agreement is fulfilled«. That is, the councils claim that, according to the president Santiago Abascal, they agreed with PP. It is clear that they have not come shopping, they want quotas of power and make noise, a lot of noise.

Language is important and a great manipulation tool. First battle lost since they have modified the visibility of the group. «We will guarantee equality of opportunities between women and men, we will defend the rights of LGTBI people and we will eradicate the social scourge of sexist violence in our cities«, Pick up the point 41 of the agreement PP-Citizens. A text that should be combined with that of PP-Vox: "We will fight for equal rights, obligations, and opportunities between women and men, so that there can be no discrimination based on age, birth, race, sex, religion, opinion or any other condition or personal or social circumstance«. Again, the male violence, but also any mention of the collective LGTBI, while emphasizing "obligations." Not to mention that "we will guarantee" is replaced by "we will fight" (if VOX is to fight for our rights, who can for himself).

In addition, after the announcement of the composition of the Local government for the 2019-2023 legislature, it is observed that the areas of Territorial Coordination and Public Social Cooperation disappear, and Gender and Diversity Policies. The first is integrated in the vice-hall, and the second in Family and Wellbeing. The priorities are thus marked.

En Andalusia They have taken more time and they have taken advantage of it to be noticed. In a parliamentary commission last Wednesday, the far-right leader denounced the complaints that he had received from teachers and parents of school Andalusians about the type of sex education they receive in the classroom "Is that what children are told? Affective sexual diversity, promote homosexual relationships among children under 10 years old"He assured.

The statements of the leader join those of the candidate of Vox to Region of Madrid, Rocío Monasteriowho recently denounced that in the schools of Madrid imposes "the doctrine of gender ideology to children with 8 years" In addition, according to Monastery, they are invited to "try new sexual practices and explain them to others" and that "there is talk of zoophilia and paraphilias".

They are already taking time to make the GIF: the girl from «Poltergeist» in front of a screen with those from VOX saying that of: «They are already here ………”

The PP and VOX agreement modifies the 41 point that talks about LGTBI rights

Source:, La Vanguardia, Huffington Post, ABC

Photographer: EFE


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