Lesbian visibility every day

Kisses between women for the day of Lesbian Visibility

GAYLES.TV.- For a long time the lesbian invisibility it has served as a form of protection. The presence of lesbian scenes in movies and in television series it has helped give visibility to lesbian women, and although there are more and more references, it is not enough. Lack of references in other public settings it makes it harder for lesbian women to "come out of the closet." And also because the lesbianism represents a direct attack on patriarchal power, so, in a world that is still macho, there is a prevention not to be exposed.

So for this day of the Lesbian Visibility, which has been held since 2008, we leave you a selection of movie images with the song Halo de Beyoncé covered by the lesbian singer LP, to help you get through these times of pandemic better.


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2 opinions about "Lesbian visibility every day"

  1. Hi, I really like your page and I have seen the 26 day video of visibility, but I would like to know the names of the movies or series please

    1. Hi Carla, thank you very much, some of them are Adèle's life, Room in Rome, Burning Ties, Gia, Aimée and Jaguar, Discovering love, Circumstance, Red roses, Saving appearances, But i'm a cheerleader, The queen Cristina from Sweden, The L Word ...

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