Visibility of LGTBIQ+ seniors at Pride! Barcelona 2023

More than 120.000 protesters have paraded in the LGTBIQ+ Pride march in Barcelona bunder the motto «The Pride of our lives. Having a birthday, accompanying us, is growing»

A total of 62 groups have registered and some 51 floats have paraded on July 15 on Paral·lel avenue in Barcelona to claim the rights of the LGTBIQ+ collective. More than 120.000 people (110.000 according to the Urban Police) of all ages today demonstrated the Generational transversality and diversity in the LGTBIQ+ collective, an edition of Pride!Barcelona dedicated to LGBTIQ+ older people under the motto The Pride of our lives. Having a birthday, accompanying us, is growing.

The demonstration began at 18:00 p.m. and at 20:15 p.m. the Manifesto was read, with the participation of the Catalan actor Enric Majó and the activists Paulina Blanco y Patricia Knight.

Enric Majó, one of the most beloved actors, co-founder of the FAGC and collaborator of the Fundació Enllaç, has expressed in the manifesto:

 “We want to highlight all the LGBTIQ+ people who, since the 80s, have fought for the rights that now, after more than 40 years, our society enjoys. People who were criminalized and imprisoned by Franco's laws, some even died, for defending rights and freedoms. They are part of our history and are our memory. Memory that should help us not to return to the dark era in black and white... and many greys. As you know, we like colours, and the more the better”

Now,Pauline White, activist for the rights of LGBTI older people and patron of the Enllaç Foundation has claimed the need to implement the "Practical guide to incorporate the LGBTI+ perspective in residences and other centers and resources for the elderly" published by the Department of Equality and Feminisms of the Generalitat de Catalunya. She also added:

“We ask the public powers to take the appropriate measures in the public space so that the greater fragility of the elderly does not prevent them from developing a full life safely. We must ensure that all people, regardless of their sexual attraction, gender identity or gender expression, can enjoy safe spaces and not have to go back to the closet in the last stage of their lives.”

Finally, Patricia Knight Bergadan activist and community communicator, has finished the manifesto:

"Being and feeling older is a source of pride. And more if we do it accompanied by you. As the motto of that year says, the pride of our lives. Doing years, accompanying us, is growing. Grow in years, but also in values, dignity, solidarity and empathy. And since we have memory, we are not going to allow a single step back in our rights. For democratic decency and because older LGBTIQ+ people are unstoppable!! "


This year's edition wants to place the focus on people and their vital process, and underline the need to promote empathy and solidarity in each of the stages that it provides LGTBIQ+ people with full rights and free of stereotypes and prejudices. .

 "Older people have many things to say, we must not allow ourselves to be cornered, nor corner ourselves" declared the writer and activist Jordi Petit, in the proclamation of last Thursday the 13th in the Plaza Universitat. While Isabel Franc – writer, activist and also a preacher on the 13th-, added “Let's shout again that we are, that we are not afraid. Let's shout again for our rights, we are the strongest collective on earth".

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