Viktor Orbán targets gay families

Viktor Orbán targets gay families Viktor Orbán targets gay families

The far-right Viktor Orbán, a Vox partner in the EU, approves a law in Hungary that favors anonymous complaints against homosexual families

Hungary goes one step further to limit the rights of homosexual couples in the country. This week, the hungarian parliament has passed a law that allows any citizen anonymously report same-sex couples who have dependent children. This new norm follows the conservative ideals promoted by the Government of Viktor Orbán, which are located far from the community LGTBI with the excuse of protecting the rights of children.

The text, endorsed this week by the deputies, authorizes citizens to alert the authorities of those behaviors that allegedly violate "the role of marriage and the family recognized in the Constitution» and that do not take into account the rights of children to identify themselves «with birth sex«.

La Constitution specifies that marriage is a union"between a man and a woman» and adds that «the mother is a woman and the father is a man«, which implies prohibiting by law any model of adoption or fostering by homosexual couples.

limitation of rights

Viktor Orbán targets gay families

It is not the only measure taken by the Orbán government to restrict the rights of the community in the country. It has also taken measures to limit content or allusions to the community LGTBI in schools, arguing that it is up to families to decide the education of their children. However, his policies have raised doubts among organizations defending rights. Human rightsas well as in the European Commission.

The policies established by the country are in the spotlight of the international community. The Community Executive has led Hungary before him Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) by the controversial law against pedophilia and child protection, under the premise that it is discriminatory and violates the rights of the collective LGTBI.


Viktor Orbán targets gay families


Sources: SER chainLa Vanguardia

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