Viggo Mortensen plays a gay man in his directorial debut

Viggo Mortensen plays a gay man in his directorial debut

Viggo Mortensen makes his directing debut with "Falling", a film that explores the relationship of a gay son with his homophobic father

GAYLES.TV.- Viggo Mortensen (New York, 1958) has always gone against the tide. If for everyone 2020 is a annus horribilis, for him it will be a date to remember: Donosti Award at the San Sebastián Festival, selected in the Cannes film festival, projection at the festivals of Sundance y Toronto, Sebastiane 2020 Award from Donostia Zinemaldia and finally today his debut film opens in theaters. Almost nothing.

For his directorial debut Mortensen disguises what is actually a political film as a family melodrama. «Falling » tells the story of John petersen (Viggo Mortensen) and the relationship he has with his father Willis (Lance Henriksen) an 80 year old traditional and conservative farmer. The clash between the two is constant. The father is a homophobic, macho and nationalist type until death, while the son is married to an oriental-looking Hawaiian man, has a Mexican adoptive daughter and of course is on the left.

Two opposing ways of seeing the world that have to coexist. The homework of Mortensen as director is that we do not end up hating Willis and his belligerent homophobia. Get the character to generate a certain tenderness despite his conservatism.

Clearly «Falling » is the most personal bet of Mortensen in which he has been involved in the entire creative process. He appears in the credits not only as a filmmaker, he is also an actor, producer, screenwriter, and even composer of the film.

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