Video LGTBI families, excitement for a tube!

family-lesbian Video LGTBI families, excitement for a tube!

PRIDE! BCN dedicates this year to the LGTBI Families and today, International Family Day, presents an emotional video starring LGTBI families.

GAYLES.TV.- Officially the International Day of the Family was instituted by the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) in September of 1993, 26 years ago. Much has happened since then and many things have changed, no doubt for the better, but there is still a long way to go.

That's why the 2019 edition of PRIDE! BCN is dedicated to all types of LGTBI family, whether homosexual, single-parent, lesbian, with trans people in their environment, in short, as the video makes clear as a manifesto, «Family is a group of people who live together, who take care of each other, who respect each other, who share every day and who love each other, who love each other very much ... (...) And if our struggle bothers you, it means that we still have a lot for what fight, here and anywhere in the world ". Because ultimately the family is a bond of love between people, not a father and a mother and a role ... Love.

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But not everyone is so clear about it and on a daily basis the rights of families that do not comply with the hetero patriarchal stereotype are violated. There is much to fight and claim and they do so FLG LGTBI families and other entities and associations calling for an education in diversity from childhood, training in LGTBI rights and laws for public officials so as to avoid delays in administrative procedures that are not justifiable, be included in the state census and the double affiliation of people of the same sex / gender. These are the concrete struggles, but there are also the day-to-day struggles, those of acceptance of the environment, those of integration and normalization.

Because we are not a minority, we are not special or marginal, we are 12.000 families in Spain formed by gays and lesbians that are intended to be invisible. And that only if we take into account official data and only as regards homosexuality. And is that as he says Katy Pallàs, president of the FLG Association: "Families formed by LGTBI people have always existed. What has not always been given is social recognition, let alone legal recognition. In fact, there are many countries where not only are they not recognized, but they are considered illegal and are condemned. "

Do not miss this beautiful video in which six real families formed by lesbians, gays, and transsexuals record their struggle and their love. A production of PRIDE! BCN with the collaboration of Pilma, one minute to put an end to the ideas that support differences between the patriarchal family and those that form LGTBI people. To be clear we can be diverse but we have the same common base, that of love.

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