Vichy Catalán is committed to diversity

Vichy Catalán is committed to diversity

Vichy Catalán is committed to a healthier and healthier society.

VIDEO GAYLES.TV | Vichy Catalan shows its commitment to HEALTH and DIVERSITY coinciding with the presentation of its range of Flavors 0% Sugars, without added sugars and without calories, such as the Vichy Catalan Lemon, Mint, Lima-Lemon, Orange and Premium Tonic Water by Vichy Catalan.

And how could it be otherwise, Vichy Catalán, in line with other large companies, shows with this campaign its commitment to respect for Diversity and the LGBT community.

Vichy Catalán organizes tastings of its products in different places with a gay atmosphere within the Spanish geography. This initiative fully coincides with the brand values ​​and corporate responsibility of the company. These values ​​are based on 4 historical pillars: Health, Tradition, Status and Innovation, to which one more has been added in recent years: Proximity.

We welcome this young 135-year-old company that is committed to innovation and the development of new products and formats. Vichy Catalán has always been a benchmark in Health and from now on it will also be in Diversity.

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