New York goes for the first time to Fitur Gay LGBT + to promote the World Pride 2019 and commemorate the 50 anniversary of the Stonewall riots

GAYLES.TV.- The ninth edition of Fitur Gay LGBT + It has been loaded with news. Your director, Juan Pedro Tudela, explains that to be more inclusive they have added the "+" to the name and redesigned the logo. The scenery of the stage, designed by Cristian Vega.

The incorporation of new international stands such as those of Thailand, Portugal y NY, that next June will be the world capital with the World Pride 2019 and will commemorate the anniversary of the 50 years of Stonewall riots.

Reyes Maroto, Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism has inaugurated Fitur Gay LGBT + and has encouraged the sector to grow. Other politicians like Marta Higueras, First Lieutenant Mayor of Madrid or Ángel Gabilondo, Socialist Spokesperson at the Madrid Assembly, have been supporting the LGBT tourism +.

The section of lesbian and trans women is also present for the third year in a row, as she tells us Kristin Hansen, CEO and Founder ELLA Corporate.

Fitur Gay LGBT + is consolidated as one of the largest tourist congresses in the world for the collective. For five days, pavilion three of IFEMA counted on 150 interventions by 60 speakers in the form of lectures and presentations, round tables, debates and awards. Also shows, dj's and musical performances such as Nacha la Macha interpreting "Iceberg"In memory of David Martin, one of the souls of Fitur Gay LGBT +.


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