Alaska City Mobilizes Against Homophobia

Alaska Florist Homophobia Alaska City Mobilizes Against Homophobia

Neighbors of Ketchikan (Alaska) show their support for the LGBT + community after a florist rejected a gay couple as a client

GAYLES.TV.- Ketchikan It is the fifth largest city in Alaska. It is located on the southern coast of the state and has a population of 8.000 people. 200 of them protested to denounce the homophobia suffered by a gay couple who the local florist refused to sell flowers for her wedding. After the mobilization, the city council passed an ordinance prohibiting discrimination against people. LGTB +.

Alaska Florist HomophobiaDuring the demonstration Tommy varela, one of the bride and groom, took the opportunity to thank his neighbors for their support: «eThis is a perfect time for people to get angry at what they feel and make it a good thing and write to their mayors and government and state senators and representatives.", He said . «I think this is a perfect time for this state to be at the forefront of another battle. LGBT +, anti-discrimination laws and other laws that protect queer people from discrimination"He added.

New ordinance

Heather dalin, owner of the florist Heavenly creations, was silent when the mother of one of the fiancées asked him if it was a problem that the wedding was for two men. «When it comes to the sacred sacrament of marriage, God's word is clear«He responded to the local media. "Marriage is one of the seven sacraments where the Lord Jesus Christ is present. That you pass an unnecessary ordinance to try to force myself to participate in a ceremony that violates not only the holy truth of God, but also strips me of my rights as a tax-compliant and law-abiding American citizen, not it's reasonable", He said Go out.

What a religious florist did not expect is the zasca he took from the commissioner of the Tongass Historical Museum, Ryan McHale: «Like their predecessors in favor of slavery, segregationists during the era of Jim Crow They cited the scriptures as justification for maintaining racial segregation and inequality. There is little to distinguish today's claim for religious freedom from those of segregationists who argued that they should not be compelled to hire, serve, or associate with African Americans or Native Americans.«.

Alaska Florist Homophobia

Source: LGBTQNation, Juneau Empire

Photography: Tommy Varela (June Empire)


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