Trump against transsexuals *

TOILET TRANS DONALD TRUMP Trump against transsexuals *

Cancels the rule that allowed transgender students to choose WC

GAYLES.TV.- The new president of the United States, Donald Trump, seems to be determined to load the entire legacy LGTB + that had built Barak Obama. The last one: to eliminate the norm so that the public schools of the country allow their transsexual students to use the bathrooms and dressing rooms who prefer

TRANS TOILET WC WHICHEVERThe department Justice and Education will send a letter to the public schools to announce the new measure. It is considered that it does not correspond to the federal governmentIf not the locals decide on this issue. Once this federal rule is annulled, each local entity will be able to decide how it positions itself on this matter. The colective LGTB + He has been quick to react and protests against Trump have spread across the country.

It does not take much memory to remember the controversy «HB2 Act"To North Carolina approved last year according to which trans people were forced to use the bathroom that corresponds to their biological sex and not your sexual identity. On that occasion, Trump surprised saying that her friend Caitlyn Jenner he could use the bathroom he preferred in his personal residence, the Trump tower. Of course it was campaign time ...


Sources:  TV3, World To The Minute

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