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translaboral2019 2019 Translaboral

“Translaboral 2019”: meeting for the occupation and intermediation of trans people *

GAYLES.TV.- Today is celebrated in the city of Sabadell (Barcelona) the meeting organized by Ca l'Enredus and Actua Vallès which is named “Translaboral 2019” and which is aimed and aims to bring together trans people, entities, companies and various local administrations in Catalonia. Its main reason for being is the promotion of actions in the field of occupation and training as well as the commitment, by the different actors involved, in the full recognition of the rights of trans people. This last point emphasizes the collective of transgender women, especially discriminated against in the workplace.

The call for this meeting seeks to create a space for labor intermediation between entities / companies and trans people. That mutual knowledge would facilitate the co-creation of labor and anti-discriminatory policies in entities and companies. Specifically by companies, training and commitment regarding the labor rights of transgender people and in regard to the latter, training in cooperativism and social economy.


Mutual knowledge should facilitate the possibilities of hiring through sectoral tables according to the demand and capacities of the applicants: gardening, education, renewable energy, mechanics, transport, etc ... in short, all those sectors that can and should hire people according to their capacities and not according to their sexual identity or what appears in their documentation, whether or not it is consistent with their appearance.

The work of the day is based on three main axes:

  • Employment policies, intermediation and public action against discrimination in the labor market of trans people.
  • Sharing of experiences in response to the labor needs of trans people.
  • "New projects": training and consultation space for the promotion of economic projects in Social and Solidarity Economy.

Through the website translaboral.cat You can access information about job offers in different sectors.

This meeting is an important turning point in relation to the employment situation of trans people because it implies moving from the constant complaint about discrimination to which they are subjected, to a pro-active attitude to promote better conditions and opportunities.

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