Transphobia in La Línea: «Transvestite bitch, I'm going to kill you, bitch»

Transphobia in La Línea: "Transvestite bitch, I'm going to kill you, bitch" Transphobia in La Línea: «Transvestite bitch, I'm going to kill you, bitch»

They denounce a brutal assault on a 23-year-old transsexual in La Línea

«They raped me in 2017, I kept quiet, they attacked me again in 2019 and I denounced. Now i will do it again»Explains the victim of a brutal transphobic aggression happened the proast early in the morning of Friday 8 to Saturday, October 9 at La Línea. The victim is only 23 years old and has a long history of assaults suffered.

She was coming out of presenting a couplet event and noticed how someone was watching her and chasing her. She started running when a man began to struggle and insult her. as he related to the middle Area. "He grabbed my wrists, my arms and hurt me while he insulted me: Transvestite, you don't have a pussy, I'm going to kill you, bitch«. The photographs, which were taken on a portal after the attack, show the brutal beating. «I have wounds all over my body as seen in the photos. He ran out, I managed to get up and totally disoriented I went to the center", remember.

The counselor of Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation, Rocío Ruíz, has responded to the attack with these words on his account Twitter: "In Andalusia, transphobic assaults they have no place. From my counseling we work to eradicate them and achieve a more just and supportive city«.

They have also reacted since IU and United We Can: "hate speech and messages are taking hold (helped by the whitewashing of certain media) and give rise to an increase in attacks against the most vulnerable groups. This situation, together with the impunity that a certain political sector has when launching such hateful speeches and messages, makes transsexual people, in particular and LGTBI In general, be an easy target to take out all your anger and frustrations on them; especially towards women«, They repudiate in a statement.

The text continues: «We cannot allow such violent episodes to continue to happen in our society. We cannot remain impassive before a justice that, at times, protects the aggressor or inciter, rather than the victims. We cannot look the other way while the Human rights«.

The activist Carla Antonelli He has also denounced the case on his social networks with a phrase that forces us to react: «when transphobia becomes everyday«.

It is urgent to react, life is going to us.


Sources: South europeDaily Area

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