TikTok spreads violent, homophobic and transphobic content

TikTok spreads violent, homophobic and transphobic content TikTok spreads violent, homophobic and transphobic content

TikTok's recommendation algorithm promotes homophobia and anti-trans violence

The algorithm of the social media application for video sharing TikTok is spreading content anti-LGBT +, according to an analysis carried out by the control body Media Matters. Discriminatory videos are flagrantly circulating, and even some that promote violence directed against the community LGBT +. This is not the first time that the opaque algorithm of TikTok recommending far-right content, including accounts promoting dangerous moves.

According to TikTok, the feed «For You»Reflects the«unique preferences of each user«. As such, the recommendation system will suggest content based on various factors, including the videos a person likes or shares, the accounts followed, the comments, the information about the videos, and the account settings. But Media Matters found that even liking a video anti-LGBT + it can lead to a barrage of other homophobic content being added to the page «For You»Of a user.

The platform discriminates against you if you are poor, LGTB + or disabled

Not the first time TikTok causes problems for the community LGBT +. The platform has been criticized internationally for censoring community content LGBT +, of black people or of whom he considered "fat", "ugly" or "disabled." Now, a new controversy sprinkles the app: it recently admitted to restricting hashtags LGBT + in some languages.

TikTok He admitted that he banned some hashtags with queer slogans to comply with local restrictions in some countries, and that others were limited by including illegal or pornographic content. The terms that were affected were: "gay" (written in Russian and Arabic), "I am a lesbian" or "I am gay" (in Russian) or "transgender" (in Arabic).

TikTok spreads violent, homophobic and transphobic content

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