Taylor Swift makes history at the Grammys

Taylor Swift makes history at the Grammys Taylor Swift makes history at the Grammys

Taylor Swift has 14 awards and has become the first to win four awards for best album of the year

Taylor Swift has made history and has been crowned at the awards gala 2024 Grammys. That of Pennsylvania she has 14 gramophones and has become the first artist to win four statuettes in the best album category. Frank Sinatra, Paul Simon and Stevie Wonder They had won three.

Swift has surpassed the three huge stars with just 34 years thanks to your album midnight, after taking it with Fearless (in 2010), 1989 (2016) and folklore (2021) Taylor has been nominated for 52 Grammy Awards and has won 14, the last two being Best Pop Vocal Album and Album of the Year for midnight this 2024.

Swift announces new album

Taylor Swift makes history at the Grammys

"I feel this happy when I write a song, or come up with a chorus, or rehearse with my dancers, or go to work. Tokyo to sing. I just want to keep doing this. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to do it. my head explodes”, she commented incredulously.

The singer announced during the awards ceremony 66th Grammy Awards a new album, but it will not be the re-recording of Reputation, their sixth studio album. Taylor Swift will present a completely new album on April 19: The Tortured Poets Department.

LGTBIQ+ ally

Taylor Swift She is an icon and a great ally LGTBIQ + since many years. There are countless acts in which she has demonstrated her commitment to the collective, such as when in 2019 she released her most demanding song regarding rights. LGTBIQ+ refers to: You Need To Calm Down. Beyond the lyrics, the video clip and all the personalities that appear in it, what makes it a true anthem is the message that appears at the end of the video, where he makes a request to his fans to send their signatures to the Senate to the approval of the Equality Act: "Let us show our pride by asking that, at the national level, our laws treat all citizens equally«.

On their fifth album, 1989, Taylor Swift opens the album with the song Welcome To New York, where you can read some verses in which it says: «And you can want who you want: boys and boys, and girls and girls«. When asked during a promotional interview, the singer explained: «The song is inspired by what I like about New York, which is a freedom and celebration around being unique. And I also wrote the song when gay marriage became legal in New York.".

Taylor Swift and Hayley Kiyoko

Also in 2018, Taylor Swift came to the defense of Hayley Kiyoko when the lesbian singer was criticized for statements in which she stated that the music industry called her "little originl» for re-releasing a video clip talking about love between women, making a comparison with Taylor Swift, whose lyrics always talked about heterosexual romances, and there was no type of fatigue on the part of managers and producers.

Far from feeling offended, she took sides with kiyoko to defend it: «We should applaud artists who are brave enough to tell their romantic story honestly through their art. I have never faced homophobia and she has. It is your right to call out everyone who has a double standard regarding gay versus straight romantic interests.»

In April of 2019 Taylor Swift took a step forward again in favor of rights LGTBIQ + by donating $113.000 to Tennessee Equality Project, a group based in Nashville which had brought together more than 100 religious leaders to denounce 6 anti-LGBT laws known as «The Slate of Hate«, which were circulating legally through the country.

Taylor Swift makes history at the Grammys

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