Susan Sarandon comes out as bisexual

Susan Sarandon comes out as bisexual Susan Sarandon comes out as bisexual

Sarandon has taken advantage of Jimmy Fallon's program to publicly declare his bisexuality

Susan Sarandon She has stood out for being involved in activist movements and for being a very progressive woman. In fact, she has been seen at various demonstrations - and has even been arrested - since she was very young. The actress, at 75, has recently revealed her true sexual orientation. Talking about pets on the show Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show, the 75-year-old actress uttered: “I am bi”.

The moment was somewhat comical, because the presenter reminded her that the previous time she went to her program she did it with her dogs, something that the actress said would not be repeated since they died a year ago. Then, the actress reported that after the loss of her pets she did not feel strong enough to have other dogs and that then her son looked for a possible solution: “Well then have a cat!”, Told him. And at that moment, and humorously, the artist added: “And I'm bi, so…”. With that expression many have wanted to see a confirmation of her sexual condition.

Susan Sarandon comes out as bisexualFully aware of her statement, the actress shrugged her shoulders and sought complicity in the presenter and in those attending the show. To clear doubts, Fallon he questioned him: “Do you mean you like cats and dogs?. And she insisted: “I am very fluid. Sooo fluid when it comes to animals.”. The comment was highly applauded among the collective LGTBIQ + and began to spread like wildfire through digital media and social networks.

The protagonist of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" or "Thelma & Louise" He has previously spoken of his rejection of heterosexuality imposed from birth.

open to love

In recent years, she herself has lent herself to different jokes regarding her bisexuality, leaving the door open to ambiguity. In 2015, in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, stated that he was actively looking for a new love: “It would leave open age, color, even gender. I am open. Increase your chances, right?".

Later, in 2017, he told the publication LGBTQ+ Pride Source that his sexuality wascommunication". "Yes, I am open minded. My sexual orientation is curious for those who want to try it, you could say. Mind you, I'm serious about monogamy, so I haven't had a lot of partners. It's not like I've had many offers.”, he said then.

After the filming of the series Feud, who co-starred with Jessica Lange, was asked about the relationship between the two. Sarandon stated that his relationship with Jessica it was not only good but it had gone beyond a friendship: “Jess and I have not only hit it off great on set, but now we're dating.".

Susan Sarandon comes out as bisexualAnd in the 2021, in an episode of the podcast Divorced Not Dead He shared that he did not care about the gender of his potential partners, only that they were vaccinated against covid.

Susan has only been married once, to the actor Chris sarandon, from which the surname remained, between 1967 and 1979. They had no children. After several romances, some sounded like the ones she had with David Bowie y Sean Penn, became the mother of her first daughter, Eva, in 1985, together with the Italian filmmaker Franco Amuri. Later, during her long relationship with Tim Robbins -They never got married, had two other children: John (1989) and Miles (1992)

Sarandon is a historical human rights defender LGTBIQ + and is a queer icon from his interpretation of Janet Weiss in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. She also starred in the vampire movie The anxiety (1983), in which she and Catherine Deneuve they had their own sex scene.

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