Susan Arnold, new president of Disney. Feminist and lesbian.

Susan Arnold, Disney's new lesbian president Susan Arnold, new president of Disney. Feminist and lesbian.

Feminist and lesbian. This is Susan Arnold, the first female president of Disney

For the first time in its centennial history, Disney will have a woman in command. Susan arnold, a regular executive on the lists of the most influential women in the world, will be the new president of Disney starting next year.

The transfer of powers will be formalized next December 31. After 15 years at the helm of The Walt Disney Company your current president, God Iger, will yield the witness to Susan arnold, who will become the company's first president 98 years after Walt Disney founded his revolutionary animation studio.

Arnold He comes into the position with an impressive service record, but also with many challenges ahead. The new president of Disney goes on to swell the list of the most powerful women in Hollywood together with the president of production of Marvel victoria alonso, the showrunner Shonda Rhimes, the executive of Netflix Bela Bajaria or the producer Barbara Broccoli.

Openly lesbian

Arnold, residing in New York and she is openly lesbian. She is mother of two children, Mark and Sarah, whom he has raised with his partner, Diana Salter. He has always been distinguished for his outstanding activism in favor of rights LGTBI, and also for the support of feminist organizations such as Catalysta NGO that works to advance the advancement of women in business.

«In assuming this new role as chair of the board of directors, I look forward to continuing to serve the long-term interests of Disney shareholders and to work closely with CEO Bob Chapek as he builds the company's century-old legacy of creative excellence and innovation.", has declared Arnold in a statement after his appointment was made public.

Susan Arnold, new president of Disney

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