In just one month since the beginning of the year, in the Region of Madrid 7 attacks have occurred to people LGTBI. On the 23rd, a rally was called under the slogan «STOP LGTBFOBIA«. Gayles.tv was there to speak with representatives of the LGTBI struggle such as Carla Antonelli, Boti García o Toni Poveda, but also from administrations like Purification Causapié y Manuel Ródenas. This must be stopped because we can not continue to live in fear.

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  1. blank cease says:

    Campaigns will be of no use if when there are aggressions WE DO NOT CARE ... very few people focus on calls to protest against brutal aggressions or kidnapping of liberties SO WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE !! As long as a boy in his underpants moves more comments and "likes" or retweets than an aggression, we will never advance! Until when are we going to give the same? What happened to that of if you hit one of us, you hit us all? .. Associations, politicians and ourselves have to do a mobilization exercise, stop the complacency of looking the other way

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