Sofía Otero wins the Silver Bear for best performance at the Berlinale

Sofía Otero wins the Silver Bear for best performance at the Berlinale Sofía Otero wins the Silver Bear for best performance at the Berlinale

At just 8 years old, Sofía Otero, the star of '20.000 species of bees' captivates the Berlinale jury

Actress Sofia Otero, 9 years old, won this Saturday the Silver Bear for the best leading performance in the Berlinale for the movie "20.000 species of bees”by the Basque director Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren, in which he gives life to a transgender girl. Paul B. Precious He was one of the winners of the list of winners, winning three awards with "Orlando, my political biographie”, his film debut. took the Encounters Jury Award, a special mention in the category of Best documentary and Teddy Award, which recognizes the best works LGTBIQ +.

clinging to his Silver Bear next to the president of the jury, Kristen Stewart, and visibly excited, Sofia thanked everyone. “To the hairdressers, the jury, the technical team, the make-up artists...","to my father, Fernando Oterothe best in the whole world","to my mother, whom I love madly", to the director, to Naizen (the Basque association of transsexual minors) from which I come, to my mom Auri and my mom Julia","to my aitites Zacarías and Jesus","to my aunt Elena, who later tells me, to my uncles…","and that's it”, he concluded emphatically. Sofia she wiped away her tears and left clinging to her Bear making history. She is the youngest actress to have won the Berlinale.

The origin of "20.000 species of bees”, dates back to 2016, when urresola he was knocked out by the news of the suicide of a young man from 2016 who was seeking hormone treatment. “He left a letter that moved me a lot because it was obviously very sad, but it projected hope towards the generations that came after him, hoping that they would find a more livable and more accepting place for trans children in their situation.”, he recalls in an interview.

Paul B. Preciado wins three awards for “Orlando"

Berlinale Paul B PreciadoThe philosopher and writer presented his debut, “Orlando, my political biographie”, under French production. He won Encounters Special Jury Award a Special Mention in the category of Best Documentary and Teddy Award, award that recognizes the best work LGTBIQ +.

"ItThis is not the place where I usually be. I am a writer no binary and I'm not usually in the world of cinema, and it's my first film. I am happy and honored, thanks to my producers and to the 25 trans and non-binary people in the film who were on this adventure already Virginia Woolf for writing my biography in 1928 that's the power of fiction finding your story so well written before you were born", He said Valued conducting a review of the work of Woolf to talk about people trans and non binary currently. A free and political essay that destroys genres and gives voice to different visions of the collective trans to attend to what they suffer and feel.

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