"The Simpsons" already predicted the 'parental pin' in 1992

The Simpsons predicted the parental pin in 1992 "The Simpsons" already predicted the 'parental pin' in 1992

They have done it again: "The Simpsons" already advanced the educational censorship of Vox almost 30 years ago

GAYLES.TV.- Ni Nostradamus was able to predict the future as they have done «The Simpsons«. Countless are the occasions when the most successful animated series in television history has gotten ahead of reality. The most popular? 11/XNUMX, the fall of the twin towers, Trump in the presidency of the United States, the Higgs' Boson, the Iphone, the Panama Papers, Ebola ... To all these successes is added the parental veto which Vox intends to impose on Murcia.

In the episode «Bart's friend falls in love » issued in May of 1992 there sketch which reminds a lot of the controversial proposal of Vox. In the video you can see how miss Edna krabappel announces that he is going to play a videotape on sex education: «To explain why your hormones will become easy targets for every pervert with a lip, his own car, and tight jeans, I'm going to put you a very short clip on sex education«. Before putting the video, the lady Edna krabappel addresses two students in the class: «Ezekiel e Ismael, according to the wishes of your parents you can go out into the hall and pray for our souls«. They both get up from their desks and leave the classroom.

The scene has not taken long to go viral. But it is that another episode of the animated series of Matt Groening in which they also predict the reaction of PP to 'parental pin'. On this occasion Margin goes to her husband to tell him «Homer you can't punish children because not a single idea comes to you«. Homer answer back "I don't see why not, they are my children, I am their owner«. A phrase in the style of the conservative Pablo Casado that this week he said: «My children are mine and a communist will not come to tell me how to educate them«.

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