“Everyone is amazing”, the first Lego LGTB + set arrives

“Everyone is amazing”, the first Lego LGTB + set arrives “Everyone is amazing”, the first Lego LGTB + set arrives

The new Lego set contains 346 pieces and 11 figures can be purchased from January 1

Lego announces a new themed set to celebrate the month of Pride. The pack «Everyone is Awesomee'('Everybody is amazing»In Spanish) takes its name from a version of the incredibly catchy song from the movie by Lego. It is expected to be launched on June 1 and its price will be around 25 euros. The new set is a tribute to the community LGTB + and presents 346 pieces and 11 figures.

The colors of the stripes were chosen to reflect the original rainbow flag, along with pale blue, white and pink representing the trans community, and black and brown to recognize racial diversity. The figures are designed not to have a specific gender. Except for the purple figure that is meant to represent drag queens.

“Everyone is amazing”, the first Lego LGTB + set arrivesThis new set was originally created by Lego's VP of Design, Matthew ashton, to decorate your desk. However, it was so successful in the office that they decided to create it as an official company product. In the presentation of the set, Ashton I declare that "Growing up as a child LGTB +, when they told me what to play with, how to walk, how to talk or what to wear, the message I always received was that, somehow, I was wrong«. The designer says that he is proud and happy to be able to launch a message of tolerance.

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«Trying to be someone you weren't is exhausting. I wish, as a child, I would have looked at the world and thought: 'It's going to be okay, there's a place for me.' I wish I had seen an inclusive statement that said 'everyone is fabulous», He confessed Ashton.

"Have toys that include diversity LGBT + create a space for families to let children know LGTB + that are loved and accepted", said to CNNJoe Nellist, UK LGBT Foundation. "Growing up in a world that often tells you that there is something wrong with you can lead a person to develop a deep sense of shame, something that we know can have a lasting impact on both mental and physical health.", He said nellist.

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