The new Employment Law will be inclusive of LGTBI people

The SEPE will give priority to LGTBI people in the search for employment The new Employment Law will be inclusive of LGTBI people

LGTBI people must inform the SEPE about their sexual condition to seek employment as a priority group

The employment law, which is currently being processed in the Congress, will recognize the collective LGTBI as vulnerable and will guarantee, therefore, "priority attention” in the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) as long as the people belonging to it prove their sexual orientation -or gender identity, in the case of trans people- through an affidavit. This is confirmed by sources Ministry of Labor, which explain that this statement will be provided only "freely and voluntarily and that SEPE he will not ask for it on his own initiative.

The truth is that SEPE would find it very difficult to prioritize a candidate LGTBI, because proving the sexual orientation and identity of each person would be as complex as it would be intrusive in the private life of job seekers.

"The law is not finished yet"

According to the same government sources, the employees of the SEPE they cannot ask users about their sexual orientation. So how can people show LGTBI + that are part of this group and, therefore, be considered part of the priority attention groups?

According to Ministry of Labor, it must be the users themselves who, “voluntarily", notify SEPE. And how can they prove it? From the Government they point out that, for the moment, the law that is being processed is “very generic» and that the way to test it could depend on “of the autonomous communities" or even "of each specific case".

The new standard also expands the groups that can benefit from priority actions. Among them will be migrants, beneficiaries of international protection, women victims of gender violence, people in a situation of social exclusion, people who have abandoned employment services, people over 45 years of age and those who belong to the group LGTBI.

Reaction of the FELGTBI+ and UGT

The SEPE will give priority to LGTBI people in the search for employment

The president of the State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Trans, Bisexuals, Intersexuals and more (FELGTBI+), Uge Sangil, considers it necessary to make public policies in favor of the employability of any group that has difficulties in this area, “something that happens with the collective LGTBI and, above all, with the trans people".

“We understand that the Law is being prepared and that it can be improved in terms of how it can be implemented. And if a direct policy cannot be made, because it is not possible to identify our group, we must think of indirect measures ", has defended the president of the FELGTBI+, who insists that “there needs to be employability policies for the LGTBI collective, especially for trans people. The data is what it indicates. Now, let's find out how to approach it.".

El Head of the LGBTI-UGT Catalunya Group Santos Félix has remarked that in UGT “We support the Trans and LGBTI Law, we also claim that the new labor regulations, people in the group who, due to their personal circumstances (lack of training, age...) are at risk of being excluded from the labor market, can access, as is the case with other groups social, to the active employment policies that the public employment services of the different Autonomous Communities carry out. Therefore it is essential that any part of the State has guaranteed this service provided by the administration. Without having to communicate any personal data, specify your orientation and gender identity..

The SEPE will give priority to LGTBI people in the search for employment

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