Second case of HIV remission in the world

second case of HIV remission worldwide Second case of HIV remission in the world

A team of researchers manages to eliminate HIV in a patient

GAYLES.TV.- El HIV, the virus that causes SIDA boat, it has already claimed the life of more than 35 million people. Advances in its treatment have decreased mortality and it has become almost a chronic disease. Thanks to a stem cell transplant, a patient has gone 18 months without the virus being detected. It is the second case worldwide in which the virus remits.

The first case occurred in 2009 and is known as the Berlin patient. T went down in history by becoming the first person to have been cured of his infection by HIV after a bone marrow transplant and currently has more than a decade without the virus.

Now a international team of researchers with Spanish participation has managed to get a second patient infected by HIV eliminate all traces of the virus and currently the virus carries 18 undetectable months in the blood. 

María Salgao, researcher of IrsiCaixa and co-author of the study in which the finding is detailed and which has been published in the journal Nature "He has stated that we are not talking about a cure because it is too early, we will talk about it when several years have passed and it is confirmed that the virus does not reappear." This new case "It offers a lot of information to develop new techniques that can be applied to the entire population", has added.

second case of HIV remission worldwide

Source:, El País

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