Mother is offered for gay weddings

Sara Cunningham surrogate mother Mother is offered for gay weddings

Sara Cunningham has made more women offer their services as surrogate mothers

GAYLES.TV.- Sara Cunningham It did not fit too well for her son to be gay, but she adapted quickly and is now a faithful activist and activist of the collective LGTBI en Oklahoma, U.S. Since 2006 is offered as substitute mother for weddings between same-sex couples. Recently it has become viral a post that published offering its services to all people who feel discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. In a few days he has achieved thousands of likes and retweets, and hundreds of friend requests.

Sara Cunningham surrogate mother gayles.tvWith the post "PSA. If you need a mother to attend your same-sex wedding, because your biological mother will not. Giving me a call. I'm there. I will be your biggest fan. I'll even bring the bubbles " Cunningham she has become the mother of all gay people.

The initiative Sara Cunningham has inspired more women from other states like Texas, Utah o Nebraska that they also volunteer as surrogate mothers. «I'm just doing what I wish someone had done when I was trying to resolve things, be a woman of faith and a mother with a gay son«, Maintains Cunningham. In addition to accompanying them on the wedding day, they will also advise the newlyweds and give them the support that they have not received at home.

«I thought, if my son goes to hell for being gay, I'm going to fight for him like my hair is on fire. Since then I was educated and I do not believe in that anymore, so now I fight for him and the LGBTI community as if my hair is on fire because I saw the power of what fear and ignorance can do«Declared this mother courage. Cunningham He understood how difficult it is for some to be different and fit into society and proposed that no one else suffer for it.

Sara Cunningham surrogate mother

Source: La Nación, I am Homosensual


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