Evicted from a gay sauna in Malasaña 100 men without masks

100 men without a mask evicted from a gay sauna in Malasaña Evicted from a gay sauna in Malasaña 100 men without masks

Eight arrested for possession of drugs and 100 men without masks evicted from a sauna in Malasaña

GAYLES.TV.- Last Sunday agents of the National Police They arrested eight people in the eviction of a gay sauna in the neighborhood of Malasaña de Madrid. Inside there were about 100 people without a mask and without maintaining the agreed sanitary measures for the control of Covid-19, as reported by the Higher Headquarters of the Madrid Police in a press release.

The investigation began as a result of complaints from several pedestrians who stated that inside the Sauna Paradise, located on the street of North of Madrid, the capacity limit was not respected nor were any preventive measures taken in the face of the current health alert.

Responding to the complaints of the neighbors, the agents launched a police operation and about twenty agents arrived at the place in five cars. They found about 100 people without a mask and without respecting safety distances or any other sanitary measure.

In addition, the police officers verified that there were all kinds of narcotic substances lying on the ground and they identified all the people inside, proposing to 21 of them a sanction for illicit drug possession. Among the belongings of eight men, they found a large quantity of narcotic drugs such as cocaine, ketamine, GHB and sexual stimulants, for which they were immediately arrested as allegedly responsible for a crime against public health.

Announcement on Twitter

Given the news and images appearing on social networks, the Sauna Paradise has given its version in a statement published in Twitter. Confirms the inspection inside your facilities by the National Police and writes: «sare common in most places and now, due to the Covid-19 situation, they are intensifying even more«.

However, they assure that the agents «they were able to check that everything was in order for a normal operation of the sauna«. «With this, the usual hours, capacity and security measures are maintained as before«, Point out those responsible for the premises. Besides apologizing for the «bad timing and scare»That caused the police intervention to its clients, Sauna Paradise asks that they continue to trust them and invite them to make "responsible use" of their facilities with appropriate security measures, including the mandatory mask inside.

100 men without a mask evicted from a gay sauna in Malasaña

Source: La Sexta

Photography: Catalunyapress, National Police


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