Sandra Barneda and Nagore Robles have broken up

Sandra Barneda and Nagore Robles have broken up Sandra Barneda and Nagore Robles have broken up

The most mediatic lesbian couple ends their relationship after six years

Sandra Barneda (46 years) and Nagore Robles (39) They have broken off their relationship after six years. This has been announced by both in their respective social networks, using the same text, although with a different image. Sandra Nagor They formed one of the most beloved couples on the small screen and although they have done everything possible to make their thing work, it has not been possible in the end... Both have chosen their respective profiles on social networks to announce totally unexpected news and much more when they have confirmed that the breakup occurredmonths ago«.

«Love also means accepting endings and letting go even if it is a difficult decision. To avoid speculation and defamatory news about us, we have mutually decided to communicate that we have not been a couple for a few months«, begins the post of both.

Sandra Barneda and Nagore Robles have broken upTo add: "We went our separate ways, but always wishing each other the best. Please, we ask for respect for both of you at this time. Thanks a lot«.

While Nagore Robles I chose a photo of two holding hands in front of the immensity of the sky, Sandra Barneda opted for one of their last escapades in which they still looked at each other with deep admiration.

lesbian visibility

At the moment, the reasons for this decision are unknown. The reactions to this surprising rupture have not been long in coming. faces known as Toni Moreno, Ana Bernal, Roy Galan or Belinda Washington They have posted messages of encouragement and love on their respective walls, as well as other posts of astonishment at the breakup: «Exactly. That's love too. Let go. I love you","I love you«.

It is not the first time that life separates the love story of these two women. In September 2019, the couple broke up their relationship, which they resumed after a while. Nagore and Sandra they have two dogs in common that they consider their family. Now it seems like the final goodbye to a love story that has helped a lot to make lesbian women visible.

Sandra Barneda and Nagore Robles have broken up

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