Sandra Barneda strips naked… (And Nagore too)

Sandra Barneda nude Instagram Sandra Barneda strips naked… (And Nagore too)

Sandra Barneda: «The female nude is always unfairly related to women as an erotic symbol, and not as a symbol of beauty«

GAYLES.TV.- Sandra Barneda is the first Spanish woman to accept the challenge of the magazine Women’s Health. For months he has undergone harsh preparation to improve his physical shape and take care of his body and has been sharing his evolution on the networks. As a result, we can see it on the cover of September of this publication in which the presenter has exceeded her modesty and has decided pose nude. "What you want to claim with the female nudes in this magazine are healthy bodies, which does not have to be muscular, but careful", Says the journalist.

Sandra Barneda nude Women's Health"It was like a process also for my character, since I have always been very modest, and this exercise also showing me naked for the magazine, implies for me a philosophy of knowing how to show myself without filters with myself, of learning to accept and not judge", Explain Barneda. "The message that we wanted to give with this exercise is none other than not seeking perfection or liking others, but learning to like yourself leading a healthy life", Says the presenter and claims to have discovered that"being thin has nothing to do with being healthy.

To your 42 years Barneda He is in top shape and assures that his vital energy has changed, and even his knee problems have disappeared. He also wanted to share with his followers the entire process to show that «changes are possible with will, and we must try to live without masks and fears ». His couple Nagore Robles He also decided to share a nude in Instagram, just in a photo taken by his girl.

Nagore Robles naked

Sandra Barneda naked

Sources: La Vanguardia

Photographs and video: Instagram Sandra Barneda, Instagram Nagore Robles, Women's Health


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