Sandra Barneda, finalist for the 2020 Planeta Award

Sandra Barneda, finalist for the 2020 Planeta Award Sandra Barneda, finalist for the 2020 Planeta Award

It is the first time in the history of the 69 editions of the Planeta Award that one of the winners cannot attend the award ceremony

GAYLES.TV.- Yesterday the Planet Novel Award 2020 in the Palace of Catalan Music, en Barcelona. Eva García Sáenz de Urturi (Vitoria, Álava, 1972), known above all for its «Trilogy about the white city«, Has been raised as the winner with the novel«Aquitaine«. The surprise came when it was learned that the author of the finalist novel «An ocean to reach you»Was the journalist and presenter Sandra Barneda (Barcelona.

The Catalan could not be present at the ceremony, she declared via videoconference: «I write to reinterpret myself, to reinterpret the world, to tell and to tell myself. This novel is a tribute to the vulnerability from which we hide so much, a novel that embraces life's wounds. A novel that talks about, as we have seen this year, the need to value the ordinary as extraordinary«.

Barneda has previously published other books with notable success of sales: «Laugh in the wind"(2013),"The land of women"(2014),"They will talk about us»(2016) and «The daughters of the water»(2018). "It is a novel that embraces the wounds of life and life itself, thinking of revaluing the most ordinary in life as extraordinary«, Assured the journalist about the winning work that had been presented under the title«The Secret Life of Angels»And the pseudonym Neoland. The endowment of the award is $150.250.

The jury was composed of José Manuel Blecua, Fernando Delgado, Juan Eslava Galán, Pere Gimferrer, Carmen Posadas, Rosa Regàs and Belén López, as voting secretary, who had to deliberate on ten finalist works selected from 582 filed and coming from all over the world.

Sandra Barneda, finalist for the 2020 Planeta Award

Source: Vanitatis, El Periodico, Telecinco

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