Samantha Fox marries Linda Olsen

Samantha Fox marries Linda Birgitte Olsen Samantha Fox marries Linda Olsen

Samantha Fox, erotic myth of the eighties, has secretly married Linda Birgitte Olsen at the age of 56

The British Samantha Fox, one of the sexual myths of the late eighties, has married the woman who has been his partner since 2016, Linda Birgitte Olsen. The wedding took place in the town of loughton, in the county Essex (England)).

Samantha Fox It was in the last years of the 80s and early 90s, one of the most recognized singers worldwide thanks to hits like «Nothing's Gonna Stop me Now» o «touch me». Along with her pop songs and her exuberant physique, the English artist brought together an uncountable legion of fans, being considered a true sexual myth at the time.

She came to be declared the most photographed woman of the 80s in Britain with Lady Di and Margaret Thatcher and was even compared to Marilyn Monroe. She posed nude for numerous magazines, including Playboy, becoming a sexual icon.

From rumor to confirmation

Samantha Fox marries Linda Birgitte Olsen

At the end of the 90s, the rumor began to circulate that one of the great sex symbols that is remembered was lesbian. In 2003 she publicly announced her homosexuality at the same time that she declared herself in love with her agent. Myra Straton.

"I've slept with other women but I haven't been in love before Myra Straton. People say I'm a lesbian... I don't know what I am. All I know is that I'm in love with MyraI love her completely and I want to spend the rest of my life with her”. Unfortunately his wish could not be fulfilled because Myra He fell ill with cancer and passed away in August 2015.

A year later he met Linda Olson with whom he began a relationship that has culminated in a wedding. Olsen, That was born in Norway, has two children from a previous relationship. The oldest, Adam, lives with them, while the minor, Noah, resides in the Nordic country. The two met at a concert Fox, Which Olsen I was a fan forever.

This has been a long-awaited link for both spouses since, after announcing their engagement in 2020, four years after beginning their love story, Fox and Olsen were forced to postpone the celebration due to the pandemic.

A wedding that, how could it be otherwise, has excited the fans of the artist. Two winners of Eurovision Song Contest they performed at the wedding to the delight of those present, on the one hand Katharina Leskanich of the legendary band Katrina and the Wavesapart from the Nordic Elisabeth Andreassen and Hanne Krogh Group bobbysocks.

Samantha Fox marries Linda Birgitte Olsen

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