Samantha Flores stars in the new Gucci and Vogue campaign at 88

Samantha Flores stars in the new Gucci and Vogue campaign at 88 Samantha Flores stars in the new Gucci and Vogue campaign at 88

The Mexican trans activist Samantha Flores is the protagonist of the campaign «Under the same roof»

GAYLES.TV.- Little could I imagine Samantha Flores that would end up being the protagonist of a campaign of Gucci and Vogue. With her 88 she has become the matriarch of the campaign «Under one roof«, A project in which both brands have come together to celebrate diversity and not allow obsolete prejudices.

Andi Silva Venegas, Zeta Garza and Magdaleno Delgado they complete this family that is united by ties that go beyond blood. Each of them has a unique identity that moves away from the rules and shows that nothing is written, but that we are constantly evolving,

Flowers is a well-known trans activist who has spent most of her life fighting for the community LGBT +. During the last century, she was one of the witnesses of sexual diversity in Mexico and one of the survivors of the HIV, the "gay community pandemic".

"El HIV made society open its eyes with more understanding to the community because it touched them closely", it states. Samantha I dreamed of a space for older gays, lesbians, bisexuals and trans people, a space to be family. Founded the organization laetus vitae and also the Day House for Seniors LGTBI Vida Alegre.

"What makes us a family is that we have the same purposes and share the same idea when it comes to helping each other. We cannot do without our roots, because otherwise, we would not be what we are today”Says Samantha.

In the promotional video of the campaign he explains while the Suite No.2 of "Carmen"To Bizet: "One thing is love, the affection they have for you as a family and another thing is that they understand your identity, And it is love that unites us. Accept ourselves as we are ».

Source: Spindrift, Scandal

Photograph: Gucci and Vogue

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