Russia fines TikTok for 'spreading LGBTI propaganda'

Russia fines TikTok for "spreading LGBTI propaganda" Russia fines TikTok for 'spreading LGBTI propaganda'

Putin redoubles his persecution against minorities and fines Meta and TikTok for sharing LGTBIQ+ content

The Russian Justice has imposed this Tuesday a fine of 2 million rubles (about 25.600 euros) to the mobile phone application TikTok for spreading "propaganda" in favor of the LGTBIQ + community. According to a Moscow court, the app has refused to remove from its platform content deemed to be "prohibidoon Russia, as reported by the Interfax news agency.

According to the ruling, Meta (parent company of Facebook) must pay four million rubles (about 53 thousand dollars), this after not heeding a warning that ordered him to delete all content that supported the propaganda LGTBIQ +, according to information from the Interfax agency.

TikTok must pay a fine of two million rubles also for promoting gender ideology in that country, according to the sentence imposed by the court of mirovoi in the Russian capital.

media judgment

It should be remembered that social networks and the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, have not had the best relations since last February 24, when the Russian invasion began in Ukraine, taking into account the media judgment that those responsible for these platforms have made against the Kremlin and its responsibility in the death of thousands of people on Ukrainian territory.

However, criticism of gay discourse in Russia they are already a very common social theme in that country, led by the Conservatives and the Orthodox Church, who do not approve of the presence of the community LGTBIQ + in its territory. In addition, it is forbidden to display the rainbow flag, both physically and virtually.

La Homosexual propaganda law was promulgated by the government of Vladimir Putin in 2013. under the argument of protecting minors from messages that promote homosexuality in the country; however, the rule is used to repress activists and causes related to the rights of LGBT people.

Facebook and Instagram, both social networks Meta, were censored by the Russian government more than a month ago, after Meta, in the context of the war with Ukraine, allowed to soften the policies that prohibit the use of offensive language, specifically against the Kremlin, as well as other politicians and including Russian military.

Russia fines TikTok for "spreading LGBTI propaganda"

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