Russia definitively approves the ban on "LGBTI propaganda"

Russia definitively approves the ban on "LGBTI propaganda" Russia definitively approves the ban on "LGBTI propaganda"

The Russian Parliament has adopted this Thursday the law that prohibits the dissemination of propaganda about homosexuality and limits the rights of LGTBIQ+ people

The new law, which was already approved at first reading in October, although pending modifications, prohibits the «non-traditional sex propaganda«, of pedophilia and gender change in the media, the internet, advertising, literature and cinema, and introduces fines of up to 10 million rubles (160.500 euros).

The rule, which is now going to the upper house, is aimed at any age group, not just minors, as was prohibited in controversial legislation in 2013. "Prohibited the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations. Any propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations will be sanctioned. A ban on the promotion of pedophilia and sex change has also been introduced. Fines will amount to up to 10 million rubles", reported the Duma in a statement after approving the law in the third and final reading.

As explained by the Duma, according to the new legislation, individuals can be fined up to 400.000 rubles (6.300 euros) and organizations up to five million rubles (79.400 euros) for violating “the prohibition of propaganda of non-traditional relationships or sexual preferences between people of any age”, while foreigners could face expulsion from Russia.

It is expected that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, sign the legislation in the next few days.

Criticism of associations

Russia definitively approves the ban on "LGBTI propaganda"The bill has been harshly criticized by associations LGTBI and human rights organizations such as Amnesty International, which already pointed out after the first reading that the amended legislation will increase homophobia with the permission of the Russian state and that it will reach a whole new level.

"The new 'gay propaganda' bill not only blatantly deprives LGBT people of their right to freedom of expression and endorses their discrimination, but will also likely lead to an increase in violent attacks and other gay-motivated crimes. hate against them”, said the Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia at Amnesty International, Marie Struthers.

"This bill is yet another attempt to discriminate and degrade the dignity of the LGBT community. The initiative is also an insult to society as a whole due to the absurdity of its argumentation and its ignorance of human rights: the deputies suggest that the adult population without disabilities is not in a position to choose what to say, see and read”, denounced the organization Russian LGBT Network.

Russia definitively approves the ban on "LGBTI propaganda"


Sources: elDiario.esRTVE

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