Rubén Castro, the pregnant father, gives birth

Rubén Castro, the pregnant father, gives birth Rubén Castro, the pregnant father, gives birth

Rubén Castro, the young pregnant trans, gives birth to Luar

«My daughter has arrived«. With these words Ruben Castro has announced the birth of your baby Luar. Ruben is trans and although it is not the first trans man Spanish in giving birth, is probably the most mediatic. This 27-year-old young man from Madrid received the support of many followers on the networks. Created the Instagram profile @papagestante where he has been narrating the entire pregnancy process.

A Ruben It has taken a lot of work to fulfill his dream. He has had to overcome the obstacles and comments, often ugly and vulgar, that his condition as a pregnant man generated, but his newborn daughter is the reward for so many troubles. It was his own Ruben who on Sunday shared the happy news with his Instagram followers: «Luar has arrivedShe announced with a picture of the baby clutching her finger.

Pregnant dad

In that same message he apologized for «the silence, the absence and not answering your messages, I was welcoming to the world this beauty that I have as my daughter. He finally decided that May 1 was a good day to go out.«. He also took the opportunity to thank the messages and congratulations received. «It has been the most difficult and desired thing that I have experienced so far. The adventure has only just begun«.

"People find it difficult to understand it, to fit it in, they believe that trans people hate our bodies, each one lives their transition as they want and, in my case, this was first, before making the body change", Explain. It is important that this story and others without too many references are told so that diverse families can normalize at once. Without references, as the own account Ruben In the teaser of his documentary, it is very difficult to create new realities.


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