Break gender stereotypes with “Change the rules”

Break gender stereotypes with "Change the rules" Break gender stereotypes with “Change the rules”

The video "Change The Rules" is part of the Cut All Ties project and helps to eliminate gender stereotypes among adolescents

Address, prevent and reduce gender violence among adolescents from 14 to 17 years of age in the context of affective and sexual relationships: these are the objectives of the project Cut All Ties, which includes the video «Change The Rules» (Change the rules).

The project Cut All Ties is promoted by two non-governmental organizations, the Spanish ABD and Italian ACCRA.  It has implemented an innovative educational program through a pilot intervention that has involved eight institutes of Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Milan.

Objectives of the Cut All Ties project

Among its objectives is to carry out an educational and awareness-raising intervention focused on primary prevention, through a methodology based on peer counseling and Gamification, pivoted from secondary schools. From the application of knowledge and practical tools of behavioral sciences, the aim is to identify the main causes of sexist violence between the first sexual-affective relationships, as well as behavioral factors.

It also aims to increase the empowerment and autonomy of young people, training and promoting critical thinking to face gender violence through their own actions and awareness strategies and promoting the training of the educational community to address and identify gender violence among their students.

Main activities

The main activities of the project include research among partner countries (Italy and Spain) to identify 10 good practices when it comes to preventing sexist violence among young people and specifically in the first sexual relationships. The collection of 200.000 anonymous data through the creation of a transnational Platform for Artificial Intelligence text analysis to identify urgent social problems in relation to sexist violence and the first sexual relationships by general citizens and young people in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Milan.

The design of a Training and Education Program in 6 EU institutes, to help prevent and identify sexist violence in the first affective sexual relationships of young people. The validation of the Training and Education Program in the different institutes, forming 120 young people and 120 teachers and professors.

Also as a main course, it has a large European awareness campaign: more than 200 awareness actions developed by young people to prevent sexist violence in first relationships, through The Social Coin methodology, a gamification system that promotes chains of actions with social impact.

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