Rio 2016: The most homophobic games?

RIO 2016 GAY LESBIAN ISADORA KISS Rio 2016: The most homophobic games?

The media take the gold medal to homophobia

EDITORIAL GAYLES.TV.- The 2016 River Olympics began with a declaration of intent in favor of the standardization. For the first time, five delegations carried the names transsexuals. Among them the model Read T, champion of the cause LGTB +, who represented the host country with pride and vindication. More figures that made us believe that these were the most multicolored Olympics in history: the participation of athletes LGTB + doubles the number of London 2012. In total they are 43 athletes who openly acknowledge their homosexuality. But the rainbow began to turn dark like the jumping pool ...

RIO 2016 LESBIAN MEGAN RAPINOEMegan Rapinoe, one of the star players of the US soccer team, reported being a victim of homophobic insults during matches. From the stand he heard "bicha", a Portuguese insult that in Spanish would be equivalent to "queer". Other athletes declared to have heard "puta" and "Zika" on the part of Brazilian fans. "I do not think all the party goers were homophobic, but I think there is complicity if they allow these songs to be made," Rapinoe said. At the moment the FIFA The package is drained since there has not been a complaint formally by any team.

Without a doubt, media coverage is leaving much to be desired. The gaffe of the Daily Beast yes it was Olympic. It turns out that one of its editors, Nico Hines, he could not think of a better way to do his job than by doing outing to the Rio athletes. RIO 2016 HOMOFOBIA DAILY BEAST NICO HINESThe popular app was downloaded Grinder and began collecting data and information to then publish an article entitled "I had three appointments by Grinder in one hour at the Olympic Village”. Brave headline coming from someone who takes other people's sexuality as a joke. Perhaps it seemed like investigative journalism when it was endangering the privacy and even the lives of some athletes. Let us remember that homosexuality is punishable by death in 12 countries. Criticism was not long in coming and finally the newspaper made a "mea culpa" and withdrew the article, replacing it with an editorial acknowledging its serious mistake.

As if it were not enough TeleSur TV echoed a survey on twitter with the hastag #GaysNoMerecenMedallas in which he wondered if they should exclude homosexual athletes from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

But not only the international media, in Spain Periodista Digital wanted to tell the emotional request of marriage to the Brazilian rugby player Isadora Cerullo. Well, to do so they referred to their partner Marjorie Enya as "her friend." Both in the text and in the caption it seems that they were embarrassed that it could be love and not friendship that was behind that gesture. For all the above we do not know if it is the most gay-friendly or the most homophobic games in the history of the Olympics, what is clear is that there are still many obstacles to overcome ...


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