Historical setback: Madrid eliminates Trans and LGTBI laws

Historical setback: Madrid eliminates Trans and LGTBI laws Historical setback: Madrid eliminates Trans and LGTBI laws

The Madrid Government leaves the LGTBI and Trans regional laws approved in 2016 without practical effect

Coinciding with the draw for the Christmas lottery the government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso is preparing to carry out three controversial regulations. These are the reforms of the Trans and LGTBI regional laws, which suppose the first setback regarding rights for this group, and an omnibus law - which they call “law of effectiveness– and with which Ayuso seeks to intensify control over Telemadrid and about him Transparency Council and the Chamber of Accounts, two independent organizations in charge of supervising the public management and spending of the Region of Madrid.

El PP insists that it is only a modification of the two laws, but in practice it represents its repeal. To The LGTBI Law is emptied of its content and the Trans Law is stripped of its fundamental pillar: the concept of “gender self-determination" or "freely expressed gender identification.

In practical terms, the regional documents (the health card, the transport pass or the library card) will no longer correspond to one's gender identity, but rather to the legal sex registered in the DNI.

The new rule also says that in schools, if activities differentiated by sex are carried out, “The needs of the transsexual student will be guaranteed, without prejudice to the rights and privacy of other students, especially girls.". That is, the use of the male or female changing rooms is at the discretion of the person responsible for the minors at that time.

The plan against harassment of LGTBI minors disappears

Historical setback: Madrid eliminates Trans and LGTBI lawsFurthermore, it eliminates the plan against harassment of LGTBI students In schools, all content aimed at showing reality comes out of the study plans. LGTBI and the training of teachers in this matter. The public media will not have to contribute to giving visibility to sexual diversity and the Community will not provide means to the City Councils to offer programs aimed at this group.

The associations that defend the rights of LGTBI people warn that the text proposed by the government of Ayuso implies a erasure of people from the collective and a serious setback in their protection and recognition.

From COGAM, the LGTB+ Collective of Madrid, assure that with this reform the PP has definitively assumed the argument of the far right, removing, among other things, the reversal of the burden of proof, an instrument that they claim has been validated by several court rulings. “In the reform that the PP has presented, gender self-determination is being repealed, they are talking about a transsexual condition, which is a very pathologizing term., says its president, Ronny de la Cruz.

Trans and LGTBI groups ask for the deployment of the trans law one year after its approval

The LGTBI and trans groups that promoted the Law for the real and effective equality of trans people and for the guarantee of the rights of LGTBI people have called on the Government the full deployment of the standard when one year has passed since its approval.

La LGTBI+ State Federation (FELGTBI+), Triángulo Foundation and the Association of Trans Chrysallis Children and Youth Families They consider that “"The full deployment of this law in its various aspects, registry, administrative, strategic, educational, health or labor, is more necessary today than ever to stop hate.".

Given the attempts to PP and Vox of trying to eliminate the rights of the collective LGTBI + in the city councils and autonomous communities that govern, the groups emphasize that the trans law ""It is a clear state limit and for this it must be regulated, developed and implemented to the maximum, to serve as a containment dam against the hateful speeches and policies that these parties are promoting.".

As examples of those “"hate politics" point out the censorship of books and plays with content LGTBI +, prevent putting up the flag LGTBI + in the consistories, the elimination of subsidies or the intention of the Region of Madrid of “mutilate”" the regional laws that affect the rights of these groups.

Historical setback: Madrid eliminates Trans and LGTBI laws


Sources: SER chainInfobae

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