Challenges of lesbian women: LB Talks is consolidated in its III edition

Success in the third state day LB Talks 2022 under the slogan 'Building out of paper'

On March 26, Barcelona held the third state day LB Talks 2022 the motto 'Building off paper', where the current situation and challenges of the lesbian woman from the labor, social and geopolitical point of view in Spain, USA and Latin America. The event was held as every year in the Old Estrella Damm Factory, face-to-face tickets sold out two weeks in advance but it was broadcast simultaneously in streaming, with a high participation.

The event, co-organized by LB Talks and ICI (Canarian Institute of Equality), was hosted by our versatile and beloved actress Anabel Alonso. The event began with a keynote speaker from Bisila Bokko, businesswoman awarded by the United Nations, speaker on leadership and expert in diversity and inclusion, in which all the attendees participated enthusiastically.

The following women participated in the three modules:

The role of diversity in companies as a key to success

In the first module participated Noelia Mansilla, president EMEA, Dümmen Orange; Esther Gomez Martin, main, Mercer; Alice Ruiz de la Sierra, chief people operations of The Cocktail; Monica Calderaro King, senior software developer, moderated by Alaitz Blanquer, chief people officer of Bold.

The advances of lesbian and bisexual women in the entertainment, sports and family industries

The second table had the participation of Sonia Sebastián, Director, screenwriter and film producer; Rocio Saiz, multidisciplinary artist and collaborator in Radio3; Maria Giralt-Castells, Partner and Director, ; Gemma Castillon Cortes, Medical Director, IVI Barcelona; Martha Lliteras, European Rugby Champion and Paloma del Río, RTVE sports journalist. The specialist in the creation and direction of television programs Elizabeth Duran, was the moderator.

 Can diversity be exported? Advances in equality in Spain, Latin America and the USA

And at the third table were present Marta Higueras, councilor of the Recover Madrid Mixed Group; Linda Caruso, commercial Attaché of the US Embassy in Spain; Monica Thaher, director of International Technological and Economic Affairs of the Government of El Salvador and the one in charge of moderating the third table was Francesca Palau del Mas.

The president of LB Talks, Maria Colom, and Kika Smoker, director of the Canarian Institute for Equality, were in charge of closing the event.

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