LGTBIQ+ summary of 2022

LGTBIQ+ summary of 2022 LGTBIQ+ summary of 2022

Balance of 2022, a year marked by the Trans Law, the World Cup in Qatar and monkey pox

The calendar comes to an end and traditions are imposed. It is time to take stock of a year, 2022, which will surely be remembered for the Trans Law, monkey pox and the Qatar World Cup. As always there has been violence and LGTBIphobia, many times instigated by the rise of an extreme right that has settled in to stay and shamelessly attacks the LGTBI collective. Luckily the visibility is increasing and we advance in rights.


Congress passes the Trans LawEl Draft Law for the real and effective equality of trans people and for the guarantee of the rights of LGTBI people, popularly known as Trans LawWas finally approved by Congress. It came out ahead with 188 votes in favor of the government partners, 150 against PP and Vox, and seven abstentions; among them, that of the socialist Carmen Calvo, the figure socialist more visible in terms of opposition to this law. The TERFs were protagonists of the year, but the balance fell on the side of Irene Montero, which was firm and did not succumb to the sewers. It has been a victory trans fight, who knew how to group together and not give up until they achieved a hard-fought law. La self determination It was one of the stumbling blocks that divided the government, but it was finally achieved. The recognition of non-binary people was left out, "intragender violence" and some other concessions, but one of the most advanced trans laws in the world was achieved.


Spain will not support the LGTBI community in QatarQatar imposed its law and we watched with astonishment as Leo Messi (best player in history), lifted the title of world champion with a five that covered the Argentine shirt. Undoubtedly the metaphor of world of shame which before starting I already warned which «homosexuality is not authorized in the country«. as stated Nasser Al Khater, head of the Organizing Committee. Shy were the complaints from some teams or journalists who wanted to denounce the LGBTIphobia, tutelage to women or 15.000 workers who died for the world, according to Amnesty International. for more shame, Spain he stood aside and did not support the collective LGTBIQ + in any moment.


The LGTBI collective asks that it not be linked to monkeypoxIt was 2022, but many went back to the eighties with the monkey pox. Bill stigma that looked like a screen passed, appeared again to point out gays as risk factoreither. The experts recalled that it is not a disease typical of the homosexual group. The fact that one of the initial sources of the outbreak was detected in a gay sauna, put the diana to the homosexual group. The health authorities, politicians and the media had to be asked to be responsible for not identifying the group LGTBIQ +, and specifically, men who have sex with other men, as a risk group for mon poxo.


In October, a young neo-Nazi who subsequently committed suicide, entered a club LGBTI of Bratislava and killed two people and left a serious injury. They are the consequences of the germ of the extreme right, which is internationally organized and attacks when it can. Giorgia Meloni pronounced in Marbella hate speech against the LGTBIQ+ collective and the feminist movement.


Susan Sarandon comes out as bisexualIn 2022 "Less than half of the adolescents in Barcelona declare that they are exclusively heterosexual", According to a survey. We went from being a minority to being the norm. Nicole Kidman He declared himself bisexual and confirmed an affair with Naomi Watts, Susan Sarandon took advantage of the Jimmy Fallon program to publicly declare his bisexuality,the book "Marilyn Monroe: My little secret told by Jane Lawrence, "InTerry Jerris, revealed unknown relationships of the actress with other women and unfortunately, the protagonist of “heart stopper" Connor kit he is forced to say that he is bisexual.


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