What 2021 left us

What 2021 left us

Balance of 2021, a year marked by the pandemic, demonstrations and the murder of Samuel Luiz

It is difficult to foresee in a few years what we will remember from 2021. Looking back, perhaps the murder of Samuel Luis it has meant a turning point. A massive cry against the LGTBIphobia that the Spanish society fed up, which finally came out en masse (and with a mask) to shout enough is enough. Many have been the attacks on the group in recent months. Many insults, many aggressions, a lot of LGBTophobia suffered.

It's been a year loaded with protests that the collective has united more than ever LGTBIQ +. And is that the rise of the far right ha fanned the collective struggle that was not tarnished by a false report that shocked the country ..

The arrival of the Trans Law to Congress it has also been an arduous road. Hunger strikes by activists and family members, partisan disagreements, Protests, Camouflaged terphism inside of the PSOE that came to block it ...

LGTBIQ + Rights

European justice recognizes the rights of the children of LGTBI couples throughout the EUEn Spain there have been advances in the field of families: TSJC has recognized the right of a lesbian couple to assisted reproduction benefit. Furthermore, this December we received very good news: European justice has decided to recognize the rights of sons and daughters of couples LGTBI in all the UE.

Finally Europe has become serious with LGBTophobia of some of its member states and this 2021 we have seen how it was declared freedom zone LGBTIQ + , as a Brussels was filing Hungary y Poland for his attacks on the collective.

Good international news

Suicide bullying trans Chile CopiapóAngola has decriminalized homosexuality, Switzerland approved equal marriage in a referendum, Chile also approved equal marriage y will have a new constitution much more diverse. Argentina, has been the first country in Latin America to recognize people non-binary and also this 2021 The US has issued the first passport with gender X.

Advances in the world of sports

IOC announces new legal framework for transgender athletesIn the field of sport, there have finally been significant advances: the tokyo olympics were the most LGTBIQ + of history, the footballer Josh cavallo made his homosexuality public, there was the first sanction for homophobia in professional Spanish sports, the COI announced a new legal framework for transgender athletes, and Marta Vieira, the best soccer player in the world, announced their engagement with a teammate.

Although there have also been some missed opportunities such as when the UEFA banned light up the stadium in the Germany-Hungary against a homophobic law or the prohibition of public displays of affection in the future Qatar World Cup.


Many studies suggest that the number of LGTBIQ + people does not stop growing: most LGBT + Americans identify as bisexual y more than 20 million Americans identify as LGTBI (Almost 10% of Americans do not identify as straight). We have also verified through surveys that the LGBTophobia does not stop: 42% of people LGTBI have suffered discrimination in the last year. And a fact that does not surprise us: stupid people are more likely to be homophobic.


Elliot Page poses in a swimsuit after surgeryAs well Elliot page made the news in 2021. First for your divorce from Emma Portner and then come out publicly trans and live it with pride. And we are very proud of Christina Rossi, the Uruguayan writer, resident in Barcelona, is the sixth woman to receive the highest award in Hispanic literature: the award Cervantes.

In addition, the world of animation has announced that the new Superman is bisexual and, finally, Smithers, the assistant Mr. Burns en The Simpsons, has a boyfriend.

On the small screen the Old gays they will have their own television series and we have been able to see «Dolores: The truth about the case Wanninkhof». In addition to many series on many different platforms. We have also selected 10 LGTBI + Christmas Movies for the Holidays.

A year in which there has been everything, but above all we have wanted to inform, denounce and entertain during the long days of the pandemic. Thanks for reading us. We will keep trying in 2022.


Vox fails to repeal LGTBI laws in Madrid






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