More repression for the LGTBIQ+ collective in Russia

More repression for LGTBIQ+ collective in Russia More repression for the LGTBIQ+ collective in Russia

Russia will persecute the public dissemination of manifestations of affection between homosexuals and support for the LGTBIQ + collective

La repression of the LGTBIQ+ collective it will reach a further degree in Russia starting in the autumn, when new regulations are approved to relegate the collective to ostracism. The State Duma, Russian lower house, has announced that it will change legislation that was previously very strict to thus prohibit the dissemination of public displays of affection between LGTBIQ+ people and demonstrations by any means in support of their rights. A legal tightening for gag the collective which prohibits the dissemination of anyinformation showing non-traditional sexual relationships".

The call Law against homosexual propaganda It was approved in 2013 to prohibit talking about the collective in front of minors, be it from movie scenes to mere conversations. “It only applied to children. Of course this is not enough”, underlined the head of the committee for the Information Policy of the Duma, Alexandr Jinshtein.

extend the crackdown

Russia applies the Law of homosexual propaganda to a minorIn the legal reform they are already working Ministry of Digital Development and the telecommunications censorship agency, Roscomnadzor. "In general, we propose to extend the prohibition of such propaganda to all ages, in the media, on and off the internet, and on social networks, and establish an administrative sanction for this propaganda.", He has written jinshtein, who has linked to this law against homosexuals another amendment that will punish more harshly "the promotion of pedophilia".

"The dissemination among children not only of propaganda, but of any other type of information that demonstrates non-traditional sexual relations will also be prohibited.” and what he calls “perversions”, added the senior official, who has opened a survey to ask for more recommendations from the citizens with which chase the collective"I consider this task extremely important; not only as the chairman of a relevant committee of the State Duma, but also as the father of two children".

High fines

The reform could involve fines of up to 500.000 rubles (8.000 euros) for individuals, or 10 million for legal entities (160.000 euros), whose activity could be suspended.

The legal reform against the minority LGTBIQ + has also been enthusiastically endorsed by the Orthodox Church Russian. “It is precisely today, when our youth is subjected to constant manipulation of their conscience by the Western collective, that it is necessary to introduce by law a strict prohibition and appropriate sanctions against those who propagate perversions not only among minors, but also among an adult public.”, said the head of the patriarchal commission for Family Affairs, Fyodor Lukyanov.

The measures taken against the LGTBIQ+ collective have been added one after another over the years with the silence of Russian society. The constitutional reform made by the Kremlin In July 2020, it shielded marriage and limited it to heterosexuals by introducing in the Magna Carta that it is exclusively “the union of a man and a woman".

Sources: El País

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