LGTBIQ+ representation grows in television series

LGTBIQ+ representation grows in television series LGTBIQ+ representation grows in television series

Streaming platforms have favored LGTBIQ+ representation in series, according to a GLAAD study

The annual studyWhere We Are on TV» of the group of activists GLAAD points out that the representation LGTBIQ + in television series it has multiplied thanks above all to streaming platforms.

Netflix, has once again outperformed its streaming competitors for inclusion LGTBIQ +. It occupies the first place again with 155 recurring or regularly seen characters. A figure that exceeds the sum of open channels ABC, CBS, CW, Fox and NBC including between all 141 characters LGTBIQ + this season, according to the study.

After the pandemic curtailed television production last year, the report from GLAAD expressed his satisfaction that the rebound did not leave behind the representations LGTBIQ +. The growth of streaming services, including Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Paramount+ and Peacock, opened the door to more inclusive content.


There were 358 characters LGTBIQ + recurring and regularly watched series offered by eight streaming services in the study, an increase of 217 from last year's total across the three services examined (Amazon, Hulu and Netflix).

Foreign language dramas with queer stories helped Netflix to maintain its leadership in terms of representation LGTBIQ +, according to the report, including “young royals"Of Sweden, "Rebel"Of Mexico Y "Elite"Of Spain. Those add up to Netflix's inclusive comedies."Never Have I Ever","Q Force"And"fri Education".

The number of characters living with the HIV on all platforms it has decreased from three to two.

Open channels

Of the 775 series regulars on broadcast television channels in prime time, 92 (11,9%) were LGTBIQ +. Characters LGTBIQ + reached a total of 141, “a significant increase” compared to last year, when there were 101.

In an unprecedented result, lesbians represented the majority of the characters LGTBIQ + on open television, with new characters in series such as “NCIS: Hawaii"And"Law & Order: Organized Crime”. The studio received it as a “noteworthy change” regarding the criticized stereotype of television that often presents women queer as tragic figures.

Although the television channels presented programs with multiple characters LGTBIQ +, there is still no series with a cast mostly LGTBIQ +. In contrast, cable channels and streaming services have had several, such as "pose","Queer as Folk"And"Tales of the City".

LGTBIQ+ representation grows in television series

cable channels

Two years ago GLAAD said he asked all television platforms to commit to having at least half of the characters LGTBIQ + were people of color, and broadcast and cable networks met the challenge. “Unfortunately this year the cable receded”, reducing them from 52% to 45%.

With a total of 35 characters LGTBIQ + -including 16 in “The L Word: Generation Q” and in the new “yellowjackets"- showtime was the most inclusive cable channel for characters LGTBIQ + after finishing third last season.

The controversial case of Dave Chappelle

However, GLAAD did not hide his criticism of Netflix for handling the controversial comedy special of Dave Chappelle "The Closer” from 2021 that was criticized by people inside and outside the company for including what they considered to be transphobic humor. “It would be hypocritical to highlight Netflix's inclusive programming without making clear the damage Netflix did to the LGBTQ community late last year by stubbornly giving anti-LGBTQ content the reach and legitimacy of its platform and brand.”, points out the report that you can read in full here.

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