Orbán's referendum fails to legitimize homophobic laws

Orbán's referendum fails to legitimize homophobic laws Orbán's referendum fails to legitimize homophobic laws

Orbán fails to exceed 50% of the minimum valid votes in the referendum with which he intended to legitimize his homophobic law

Viktor Orbán achieved his fourth consecutive absolute majority last Sunday and the fifth term of his career. It also intended to legitimize the homophobic law passed last summer that prohibits talking about homosexuality in schools and limits such content in the media. Orbán wanted to show the support of the voters for him before Brussels, which opened an infringement procedure for legislation that it considers discriminatory against the LGTBI group. But he got shot in the butt.

The referendum held on Sunday in Hungary on the law that prohibits talking about homosexuality and gender change to minors failed by not reaching the minimum quorum of 50% of valid votes.

Orbán's referendum fails to legitimize homophobic laws

The referendum contained four questions worded in such a way that it was difficult for a good part of the Hungarians to oppose. «Do you support that talks about sexual orientations be held in public education centers without parental consent?»Or«Do you support the promotion of sex change therapies in minors?«, were two of the questions. To them was added another one about allowing the diffusion «out of control» of sexual content that «can influence the development of children» and a fourth on informing children about sex change in the media. The Council of Europe had described the questions as "ambiguous and misleading«.

Hungary is not homophobic

Hatter Society, the largest organization for the defense of the rights of the LGBTI community in Hungary, coordinated, together with other entities, a campaign to promote null voting, crossing out the yes and no on the ballots at the same time. It worked: the consultation has failed because it has not achieved the minimum of 50% of valid votes among those cast. There were 44% correct ballots and another 20% invalid, according to the National Electoral Office.

Orbán introduced in 2011 in the new Hungarian Constitution the definition of marriage as the exclusive union of a man and a woman. Subsequently, he vetoed both the registration of name changes for transsexuals and adoption by same-sex couples.

According to different studies, Hungarian society is becoming more and more tolerant towards homosexuals: 70% support same-sex marriage and adoption by these couples, and 90% agree that children receive age-appropriate information about sexuality and gender.

Orbán's referendum fails to legitimize homophobic laws

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