LGTB + rights: cuts and paralysis

Cutbacks and paralysis LGTB + rights: cuts and paralysis

LGTB + rights suffer with the arrival of the right to power

GAYLES.TV.- Clippings, clippings and more clippings. The consequences of the pacts with the right begin to emerge and rights LGTB + they resent. The group suffers a setback and is unable to react. The most veteran know the phenomenon well: it costs a world to achieve rights and almost nothing to lose them. Now we are in that phase, in which the right overtakes us on the right and we watch in amazement without knowing what to do.

It occurs in the Madrid City Council where the General Directorate of Equality in full offensive of Vox against feminism. According to the consistory, it is a reorganization in which (oh, surprise!) The injured party is the one related to Equality.

The department headed by Pepe Aniorte (Citizens) plans to remove the General Directorate of Conciliation and Institutional Cooperation for Equal Opportunities. The decision comes at a time of tension. The municipal team of PP and Citizens has been placed in the spotlight for agreeing to a petition for Vox to cover a feminist mural in the district of Linear City. The mural finally remains, but partisan concessions and the dangerousness of Vox. Let us remember that they are the same ones who do not attend the minutes of silence for the victims of gender violence.

It also occurs in Sevilla. He Town hall has cut a game of 26.000 euros for the care of Trans people. The deal PSOE-C's has decided to eliminate the agreement with the Association of Transsexuals of Andalusia (ATA) that had been benefiting more than XNUMX years 5.300 people. By chance the agreement ends when you enter Ciudadanos as a budget partner. Casually aid to trans people is cut and the "support plan for Easter 2021" is extended, the amount of which amounts to 800.000 euros. Priorities of a non-denominational government.

We had been warning it since they invaded us orange buses. Nothing is innocuous, the offensive on the right is organized and spreads like gasoline as we look the other way. Only one spark can set everything on fire.

Cutbacks and paralysis

FSources: ElDiario.es, The jump

Photographer: Golden cosmos

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