The Tooth Fairy is a great LGTBIQ+ ally

The Tooth Fairy is a great LGTBIQ+ ally

The doors of the house of the Ratoncito Pérez in the neighborhood of San Pedro River will carry the colors of the flag LGTBIQ +

In many countries the Little Mouse Perez He is in charge of collecting the teeth that the children fall out and that they place under the pillow. Legend has it that while children sleep, the mouse exchanges the tooth for candy, coins or other gifts. Today the most famous mouse in popular tradition is in the news because it wants to help make the group visible LGTBIQ +.

The neighborhood of San Pedro River It is a population center belonging to the municipality of port Royal (Cadiz) On Andalusia, Spain. This corner of the world has been chosen by the Little Mouse Perez to carry out their last mission: paint the doors of their houses with the colors of the flag LGTBIQ +.

10 magic doors

The initiative comes from Rio San Pedro LGTBI Collective who wants to give visibility to the group through these magical doors. in your account Facebook tell how the Mr. perez (Aka Little Mouse Perez) has wanted to collaborate with them and has entrusted a group of children and young people from the neighborhood to be in charge of painting their doors with the multicolored flag.

«As we always say, education in respect for diversity begins from the cradle, that's why from this page we are preparing a contest“, they have written in their networks. «The challenge is to find the ten doors, take a photo of them and upload them to the page with the location of each one of them, the winner will be given a t-shirt from our page as a prize», ends the post.

Undoubtedly a very local action that can be globalized. Because small gestures can change the world. And a world in which children experience diversity is, without a doubt, a better place for everyone.

The Tooth Fairy is a great LGTBIQ+ ally

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