Rainbow Oreo arrive and seek active allies

Oreo #ProudParent Rainbow Oreo arrive and seek active allies

Oreo teams up with PFLAG and launches a campaign committed to the collective to celebrate LGTB + History month

GAYLES.TV.- The bell #ProudParent de Oreo born from the alliance of the biscuit brand with PFLAG, the organization LGBTQ + largest of United States. To celebrate history month LGTB + have thrown 10.000 packages of cookies with the colors of the rainbow flag. But no, they are not for sale. To get one of this limited edition you have to join their campaign #ProudParent. It is the formula they have chosen to empower and inspire parents, families and allies to speak out loudly of their public support.

We regret that the campaign is restricted to persons over 13 years of age who live in the United States o Puerto Rico. To participate you must share a photo on social networks using the hashtags #ProudParent y #GiveAway as they follow and tag @AIRING before October 31. Oreo is one of the favorite brands of gen-z and has made headlines with her previous posts on social media with issues that affect the collective. As the most diverse and liberated generation in history (only two-thirds of the Generation Z identify as exclusively heterosexual), the brand understands that recognizing and celebrating identity is important. That is one of the goals of PFLAG, which was founded in 1973 when a mother publicly supported her son. Since then it brings together more than 200.000 members and supporters and has grown into the organization LGTBQ + largest in the country.


A very emotional spot

That is why they have created the spot «Proud Parent«, Which focuses on the impact parents can have as allies for community members LGTBIQ +. He ad follow the journey de Jen, who carries his partner, Amy, home to meet her parents for the first time. And although the mother of Jen She is warm and welcoming from the moment Amy walks through the door, her father seems unsure about how she should behave with her, something that is clearly seen by the hug that Amy's brother-in-law receives Jen when he arrives home. Because every time a parent supports their child, they inspire others to do the same: make the world a more receptive, affirming, and compassionate place.

Justin parnell, Senior Brand Director Oreo en Mondelez has stated that «What makes this partnership special is that it perfectly encompasses our shared mission to create a more tolerant world and that it begins with the love and support of your closest family and friends. Oreo has been celebrating families and encouraging connected moments for decades, so a collaboration with PFLAG National, an organization dedicated to connecting people LGBTQ + and their families, it was a natural association for us. We also have a proud history of valuing diversity, fostering inclusion, and publicly supporting the community. LGBTQ +«.

“It is widely known that family support and acceptance are essential to people's health and well-being LGBTQ +, especially young Gen Z members of the community LGBTQ +. Oreo feels that by supporting and raising the voices of allies and LGBTQ +, and connecting the experiences of proud parents and allies across the country, we can help contribute to the development of a community where LGBTQ + they can prosper»He concludes.


Oreo #ProudParent

Source: LGBTQNation, Forbes, PFLAG

Photograph: Oreo


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