Racism and homophobia

Racism and homophobia

The footballer Borja Iglesias receives homophobic insults for painting his nails black against racism

GAYLES.TV.- During training last Wednesday the footballer of Real Betis Borja Iglesias appeared with black painted nails. It was a gesture of denunciation against the racism after the murder of George floyd by the agent Derek chauvin. The police brutality was fattened with the young Afro-American who was 8 minutes y 46 seconds unable to breathe until he passed away. The murder of Floyd has mobilized half the world against racism. In fact, a day earlier, football player joined the initiative of the #BlackOutTuesday.

Painting her nails in black was intended to be a symbolic act against racism, but it apparently caused visceral hatred in the networks. "Fags on my team no","contract termination and go to Sevilla","eternal hatred of modern soccer"Are some of the messages that have been delivered to Churches. The user @GolDeFekir_ posted a detail of the footballer's nails Betis And wrote "what the hell is this«.

Own Churches replied with the text «I explain it to you, that there is no problem, it is a way of raising awareness and fighting from my position against the racism, but I think it also suits me well against homophobia«. It also went one step further for the haters: "I have to admit that I like them." Zasca!

Source: eldiario.es, Chronicle Direct

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